Dmitri Shostakovich statue (House of Music, Moscow downtown, Russia)

Hello everyone.

I’ve got some interest in photogrammetry technique but had some time to try it only lately.

So here is my latest attempt - 3D scan of Dmitri Shostakovich statue by Георгий Франгулян (George Franguilian), in front of House of Music, Moscow downtown, Russia.

Scanned using PhotoScan software, retopologised\remade by hand in Blender with lighter quads-only mesh. Phototexture was used to create albedo/metallic/roughness maps for PBR shader. Ambient occlusion and normal map were baked from scanned mesh.

Hope it does relays magnificent statue mood: an artist lost inside his own world.

p.s.: sorry for sketchfab screenshots, I had my own render but sketchfabs’s version is just better.


I understand you. We should offer the best content possible.

NIce capture it would be interesting to see the original