Dm's SketchBook

Hi all, I decided to start one because mostly I’m just enjoying the aspect of sculpting to get a better sense of forms for 2d art which I main in. It’s fun. :slight_smile: And who knows maybe you’ll have some tips/ advice to help me out too since it has been ages since I last touched Blender. The tricks/tips I had are ofc outdated now. :wink:

I’ll start with 2. First one is my first serious sculpt attempt, and 2nd one… well I found some settings and went overboard with it. LOL

:smiley: Thank you for viewing! Until then,

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Nice start man! Welcome to the sketchbook forums, keep it up! :yes:

Thanks Pixel!

Here’s my next piece, not much to see - a guy posted his piece with a metal shader in discord and it was a little too clean. I couldn’t figure out why due to me not being used to Blender so on my quest to find out, I created a quick scene with bolts. Thanks to this experiment, I was able to pinpoint and help him… in some way, I hope. And I learned something at the same time. Win-win. Good shader exercise. Only thing I wish I could do easily is to bevel the edges. It seems like it’s impossible with bolt addon. Or maybe I’ve missed something? shrug

What I’ve learned: For “aging” metal I discovered that it should be darker than almost white and for surface imperfections, subtle discoloring can do wonders (reddish tint in my case). All procedural and done with principled shaders. Of course, the metals can be so different from one to others due to varied factors (like rust, worn out edges, dust, dirt, etc), but I think I got base down.

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Hi all, here’s my update of the day. I got hooked with the procedural shader. It’s fun to challenge myself there… so here’s my next update on metal shader - also found how to bevel the objects properly. See? It has been a while. lol

Only one problem I ran in is with the pointness and bevel, they don’t seem to be good friends…

Here’s a screenshot of my shader setup:

Ah man, this looks great :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley: Your thread inspired me for sure although my node setup is nothing like yours.

Great job DM…loving the sculptures [thumbs up] and those screws…hmmm hmmm great start for the sketchbook!

Thank you Tommy! Much appreciated!

Here’s my next update. The purpose of this project is to get myself familiar with modifiers since I’m so behind with everything. Ended up making this sort of abstract, yet surreal scene. Hair was added post in Photoshop just because I didn’t feel like putting work for such tiny person. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll focus on the hair on a new project where it’s more relevant.

Long time no sketch XD but here is my new one. Decided to do some hard surface practice after I tried to do a cargo ship for the weekend contest. It turned out more organic than I expected, not that it was a bad thing; however, it was still bothering me.

So there I decided to tackle it down. :wink:

The metal shader has been tweaked further to its perfection from the nail scene I’ve shown earlier in this thread. Also added my own chipped paint shader to it. At least I’m expanding my material libraries that way. All procedural!

I’m afraid I have a confession though… this cube is not full quad. :slight_smile: It has plenty of ngons and tris… just don’t tell!

“Four Elements” for the weekend contest’s topic, “Too Much Power.” - it’s more of procedural shader exercise than anything else. I like the final result. :slight_smile: Used some good old vector-based masks to control the moss growth on earth Suzanne in case you were wondering how I achieved that effect.

Hi all!
Llong time no post I know. :slight_smile: Saw this SculptJanuary event going on and had to join in. Forgot how fun Blender can be! It’s a nice break from 2d art I am doing.

:point_down: Theme: Absent (first time I touched Blender so I was a little rusty and took 2 days to complete this with all the change Blender had :open_mouth: but I really like where Blender development is going!)

:point_down: Theme: Folktale (I chose Banshee for this)

:point_down: Theme: Crystalline

:point_down: Theme: Furious

Do expect to see more from me, I wanna see how far I can get with SculptJanuary! :slight_smile:


:point_down: “Burnt” (Struggled with this one because of a bad base)

:point_down: “Fly” (I’ve struggled a lot with this one because I had a bad base to start with. Was testing skin out and forgot the fact I could mix that with other meshes to make it work with me… and couldn’t figure out how sculpt pose works - but thanks to RoseRedTiger’s videos I’ve learned few things! I also tried to sculpt it in multresolution, but had to switch to dynamesh - it just feels better to me and remesh-ed it after I’m done so I could do a proper uv map with it - any sculpting tips are of course welcome!)


“Blinding” - tried to use high saturation to make it blinding and wanted to sculpt something simple today. Rendered with Eevee. :wink:

“Vermin & Tool” - wanted to mix two in this one because I know sculpting a hard surface object is not as easy so I decided to model it instead. The dragon was sculpted, carefully I may add. I got lazy at the end when I used armature so there are some weird deformations. Despite that, I’ve learned a lot from it.


Loove the furious one. :grinning:
Strong expression … pulls me out of the chair.

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I decided to follow Blenderguru’s tutorial even through I know the basics and have been using Blender for many years because from 2.80 on, it has changed a lot. I am glad I did because I learned few new tricks that I didn’t know, like snapping to the face… and who could resist from making a donut?!? Definitely not me! :rofl:

Decided to follow Blender guru’s tutorial on Anvil. Learned some things about uv map and how to transfer my high res sculpted model to the lower res model. Very interesting.

All textures except the floor one (got lazy here) were all made in Blender. 90% of it is procedural.

Simple animation test. Might make it into an introduction for something, I don’t know yet. :wink: It’s only possible due to Eevee because my computer is 8.5 years young. :wink:

Textures are all procedural. Also made the paper’s texture to be dynamic (different when moved around). Was a fun little project. I’ll animate the pencil writing eventually. Rendered in Eevee.