DNA strand's

Ok this is my first time submitting anything to thees forums. So hopefully it all works :smiley:

high raze and download http://l0kust.deviantart.com/#/d5tmvqi

I was going for some kind of sci-fi DNA strand’s. but it’s more visually baste than concept.

I made it using a simple mash than added some Particle system’s.
than finished it off with some lighting and glare using the Composer.

I’m relatively new to Blender…and computer graphics in general;) So I still don’t now what half the stuff is that I hear around here.
that being sad Any input or critiques are vary welcome.

made a new version today thought I’d add it

high raze and download http://l0kust.deviantart.com/art/DNA-yellow-353115911

if anyone can tall my how to put a preview picture up on the listing? Thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

i like it, nice stylisation of the real thing, colors work great for me… i think for the picture on the listings, you need to upload your image here in the forum, and not making an external link…

hi Glade you like it!:slight_smile: I actually tried quit a few different color schemes But I’m happy with the final render.
maybe I’ll try a couple more styles later.

And I’ll try to upload to the forum thinks for the tip:D


hay it worked! thank you.:smiley:
haha here I was going the hoard way and didn’t even check if the site hosted Images lol

Oh…my…!! That’s a super cool concept. Makes me look into the future at hard drives that work like DNA. Like an ultra-humanoid robot…

hi thanks.
that’s what I was going for some kinda computer that has a human like structer to it…or a human that has cybernetics right down to the DNA:D

glade you like it!

this an amazing picture, I would love to see a picture of it with higher resolution so I can enjoy it in its full glory and use it as wallpaper for my iMac. Keep sharing your art !

thanks kllon :smiley:

if you fallow this Link http://l0kust.deviantart.com/#/d5tmvqi it will take you to my DeviantART page ware you can Download it in a Nice big 2560x by 1440x (i mad it to my imac’s screen size:evilgrin:) or if u won’t a bigger size or maybe a specific size just late me no and I’ll sand you one:)

I like it! A thing you can do is to curve just a little the dna meshes, so they will have more “shape” in 3d…

yeah good idea thanks mik. I’ll probably do some work on it tonight and I’ll try that out:D

I’m also thinking of doing a nether render of just 1 strand with a different color…maybe a Yalow’sh?

Overall, the DNA looks great, but it doesn’t have that wow factor to it. Maybe it’s the composition or sense of depth.

The gradient in the background interrupts or conflicts with the flow of the DNA–lower left to upper right versus upper left to lower right.

hay thanks for the feedback

i agree with you on that it’s missing the wow factor. I’ve been massing with some of the settings but like i sad new to blender:D I’ll try mirror reversing the image.

I also agree with mik1190 on curving the strands a little (hopefully I didn’t over do it)

So tall me what you think!. I really appreciate all the input from everyone so far thanks gays <33