Do all Blender add-ons work on Linux?

I’m thinking of switching over to Linux (Mint possibly) for various reasons, but started wondering if Blender’s Linux version supports all the same add-ons as the Windows version does.

Sorry probably dumb question. I’m thinking, if they are made, like, inside Blender with Python, the operating system shouldn’t matter… maybe? If most do, are there any major add-ons that do not work?

I hope this is in right place.

Pretty much most of them should. There are a few add-ons that might have issues depending on your setup. Quad Remesher, AFAIK, is Windows-only, but people have been bridging it via Wine.

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Then this is correct and this is also the case with far more than 99% of addons. But not with all :wink: as @Stan_Pancakes already wrote.
One example is Google Maps Models Importer. Since other (required) software does not run on Linux.
Addons from Blendermarket and Gumroad have in such a case (mostly) a different version for each OS.