Do Alpha Shadows Work Anymore?

I can’t get them to work. If they still work how does one go about doing that. Thanks

Alpha shadows are old,and no one got into implementing them into newer blender builds.You can either download old builds that had it or try and apply the patch yourself which i definitely think that it wont work.

I’m trying to simulate volumetric light with a bunch of transparent planes. Is there a way to get light shafts into BGE?

Alpha shadows are not old blendingBGE, actually it should be something implemented into BGE from those old times, its really terrible that the best shadow system was made by a user and not by the blender foundation itself and the old one have way more quality and it was mutch more complete, unfortunably BGE still crawling far back from any other game engine…

Simple answer: Blender isnt able to handle alpha shadows,they were extra slow.I would be happy enough if the actual shadows would be faster, but even those actual shadows are slow.
And another simple answer: Blender Foundation is doing nothing for bge.From 100 devs ,only two develop the game engine and we know their names: Moguri and Kupoman.

You’re in luck, Moguri just committed alpha shadow support for simple shadow maps.

It’s only preliminary right now and won’t work in the viewport, but it’s a start.

Awesome. I’ve gotta check this out.

Heh,I am curious about the performance! Not expecting much though…In my game i am not even using realtime shadows anymore!Too expensive on high powerd pc.
Hopefully the day when we will be using optimized quality shadows will come.