Do any of you actually play the games you've created for fun?

What I’m meaning is you complete a BGE game, now do you then sometimes play your game then, for fun?

I know there’s playing to test, but do you actually play for fun, or try to get all the way through your own game after completing it?

I personally am not known for playing my own games for fun as I might play them to death in test playing all the scenes, though I did once decide to play an entire course of my mini-golf game for fun though.

My best game was an incredibly bad game in which you are an ugly dog who has a tail-like anus extension…DogGameSpek.blend
In short, i don’t use blender’s game engine much.


DogGameSpek.blend (458 KB)

Actually, CD, i play my game so much that it actually reduces my developer performance :slight_smile: (ie: i play like 20 minutes, heving fun with the levels and glitches until i realize that i played everything but the part i was supossed to test)

I do, but it’s no fun because I know where everything is(keys, passages etc.).

If I could finish the animations and the controls of the character I would probably play it for fun…anyone who wants to be my blender teacher on msn :smiley:

I have a maze game demo with 3 complete levels that I pretty much avoided long enough that I forgot where I would go in certain places.

Wow Cyborg_ar, I guess you know how to have fun playing your own BGE games.:yes:

anyway, a lot of actors dont watch their own movies, mainly because they enjoy MAKING it more than watching it.

I don’t usually play my games for fun, unless there is some random in there so its not always the same then I do sometimes.

I do enjoy playing other peoples games though, I remember someone made a Tron game (with the bikes) and that was by far the best blender game I’ve ever played. I might try looking for that again.

I played my ‘toucan game’ for fun alot back in the day. Mostly I make the games for my little bro though. :slight_smile:

I play a lot of the games. I’ve probably dumped 2 hours of play into Fantasy Battlefield, in one night!

I play my own games, but mostly during “development”. I have made some games which I really do enjoy playing (even if I never finished them).

I play my games…

My lack of AI creation skills mean I either have to recruit an opponent or compete against myself, which gets kind of boring and is remarkably difficult in real-time games.