Do blender models sell on turbo squid?

Hey i didnt really know where to put this,

Does anyone actually sell blender models on Turbo squid? and do people buy them?

i would like to earn a bit of revenue from blender so im curious as to how much they actaully sell on sites like turbo squid…

could people who have sold models let me know please?


P.S im not the greatest model but i understand what a good model is, i dont expect to see crap, i just mean compared to other professional software etc. how does blender compare?

Thanks for any advice

The software name is irrelevant. Either it’s what the buyer wants or it’s not.
It’s not uncommon anymore to see models made by people that don’t use
blender as their main software package in the .blend file format.
So yes people do sell models made with blender.
In fact you don’t even have to tell people what you used
just export out to the .obj File format.

:slight_smile: sweet thanks man