Do cycles materials have access to textures defined in texture nodes?


Is there a way to develop a texture in the texture node editor and then use it as an input texture for a cycles material?

At the moment it seems I can’t do this, but it seems you have better control of texture design in the texture node editor than in the cycles materials editor.

Thanks for any thoughts.

No. The concept how the material is composed in Cycles is totally different than the one with blender internal. One thing you could do - I never tried it however: create a texture in BI and apply it to a plane and render it. The saved image you can then use as an image texture in cycles.

Hmm i thought this must be the case, but I’m not sure about the idea of combining texture and material creation into one place (at least without option to import a texture from a node created texture as well); it seems limiting compared to BI. I appreciate your suggestion, but it doesnt allow for easy changes to the texture.

Without Texture nodes it seems like it will be much harder to share a texture across multiple materials, especially if that texture is a reasonably complicated procedural in its own right.

Is there a reason that there isnt even an option to have an ‘from node editor’ (or simply just a texture input that lets you pick a texture from your blend) under the texture node types within the new material node editor?

If it is a definate “no it’s never coming back”, wouldn’t it be a good idea to remove the texture node editor option when you are in Cycles Render mode? I can’t think why you would need it then.

Or am I missing the point - Is there an easy way to share textures across multiple materials in such as way that they are linked, not duplicated?

there is a script to convert simple texture to cycles!

see python forum for this!

but won’t work with multi texture channels


Thanks for the info guys