Do edge creases export via FBX ?

Hi. While modelling, I mark sharp edges by setting the mean crease to 1 . I want to export my mesh to Unreal Engine 4 . Can the creases be exported via fbx ?

Yes… that works fine in Unreal 4.

wait… I’m not sure what you mean by “mark sharp edges by setting the mean crease to 1”. If you select an edge loop and mark it “sharp”, U4 will not smooth over that edge.

Ah… I think I see now. No, “Edge Crease” doesn’t seem to work but “Edges - Mark Sharp” will do the trick for you.

I’m using crease slider on subdivision surface, along with edge split modifier. will not export like so...

When I was marking sharp edges, I couldn’t get the sharpness I wanted. I don’t know why.

Edge split modifier will work fine (because it simply splits the verts at the edge you tell it to). I tested it just now.

I don’t know how the crease modifier works. :frowning: