Do Godot/Armory have Procedural tools in them?!

So, “word on the street”, as of yesterday, is that Unreal Engine 5 is going to have cool -Procedural- tools, like, to make No Man’s Sky-type of stuff. Now, as I understand it, correct me if I’m wrong, in 2020, games are not made, ie. PROGRAMMED any more, rather they’re made with engines! Now it is important, for the world, that those engines remain free and open source, ie. the control of the entire world’s gamedev industry is not given over to one company!!! (nothing personal against Epic). That would be just another Microsoft or Google waiting to happen!!! :frowning:
So - do Godot or Armory have any of these tools? :slight_smile: If not, can they be put in? :slight_smile:

Godot can do a ton of things with procedural generation if you’re willing to write the code (as GDscript has many functions for creating geometry and other assets).

Not sure about Armory, last I read the developer is spending much of his time on Armorpaint instead.

Also, programming and engines are not exclusive terms, because the core of game creation (in all engines) is an API that may or not be part of a larger language like C#. To make anything requires you to learn how to program (and yes, visual scripting can be considered a form of coding). In addition, custom-made engines still exist for many titles, but the use of existing engines are generally more common now.