Do I create entire film in one .blend file?


Do I create the entire film in one .blend file, or do I make various scenes and then thread it all together in alternate software?

Thank you for your help (in advance).




often times you can do a whole scene in one blend file. normally, you have a set, and you would link in your characters and assets from their own files. this not only keeps the file size for the scene low, you have some kind of protection against corrupted files. there are other benifits to not doing everything in one file but as long as you have the ram then doing it all in one is fine. though you will have a lot of camera animation to cut between shots, wheras if you just render clip by clip, you can cut and edit wherever you need to.

It’s your choice on what you do and what you feel most comfortable with.
You can have different blends with environments, models etc and link them to a working blend file.
After you have rendered the different scenes you can edit together in blender or any other editing software

There’s a book called “Animating with Blender” by D. Roland Hess. It’s a few years old now but the pipeline it describes, for making a short/medium film, is still solid. I recommend getting a copy of that book. It should be quite cheap on ebay etc.

Short answer though is, like Small Troll said, ‘No’. Give each scene a blend file. This blend file has links to props, set, characters etc. from other blend files. Your scene file contains a camera for each shot in the scene. Put the timestamp of the shot in each shot’s camera name. Make sure each shot has around fifty frames before and after the shot (head and tail), to give you flexibility in editing.