Do I have nice legs???

Hey all,
Am working on the legs of my female assasin, who recently went from Robot to Cyborg because she started comming out more human looking than i had originally designed and sketched.
What do you think, any comments would be greatly appreciated. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Nice job Bapsis! Proportions look pretty good. Can we see a side view as well?


not bad… more views would be nice to see the whole form. don’t know if i like the blocky ear piece though… depends on your later model. can’t wait! :wink:

Ok, just posted a couple of other views of her legs at the same address as above. Also fixed that blocky ear, i had just forgot to subsurf and smooth b’fore i took the pic. :wink: Iv still not done the body or arms, and i reckon this project will take me some time to get it just right, so any feedback would be muchly appreciated.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

The legs look great, I nice muscle tone above the knee. I have been having trouble with the legs and arms on my fem model, although I just about have the armpit worked out. I do think that I have her ass about right though.

Keep us posted

Nice legs! The calf to thigh sizing is a little off, or so it looks to me, the calves are almost the same size (dia.) as the as the thighs, very nice shape but the thighs could be a bit bigger.


Can’t really comment untill she gets more… well… single pieced…


nice work… i would agree with the thighs though. like the ear piece much more :slight_smile: can’t wait to see this puppy done and textured! really like to see your style in color :wink:

I’m having flashbacks of the sniper babes in halflife…

the modeling looks good.

I am looking foreward to textures, or at least a basic skin material.

Thin thighs are good (I like neon genesis evangelion).

The inside muscles of the lower legs are a bit too high and I would make the lower legs a little bit thinner. Or, if the boots are thick, I would shape them less tight. This tight style was only developed by the comic artists, because drawing anatomy is faster and easier than drawing clothes.

Go on, it is worth it


very good start, it definately has a lot of potential! good perportions and good shape…


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