Do I Have Prostate Problems Or Possibly Cancer?

Ok, so here’s the deal. This past year I’ve had this problem where I urinate a heck of a lot more often then usual, almost right after I drink something (like water). That doesn’t worry me as much as when I do urinate, it’s sorta hard for me to do, I have to stand there for a while (a lot longer than normal), plus as a bonus, my urethra hurts, so does my pelvic region (honestly, I’m trying to keep this as family friendly as possible).

I had a kidney stone last year (at least that’s what the doctor said), the doctor gave me “Flowmax” because he wanted me to pass, but I quit taking it cause it said that it could cause seizures, I found a natural way to get rid of it by taking vitamin c and drinking cranberry juice and taking cranberry pills, it dissolves the kidney stone.

And I know that it ain’t kidney stones, I know what that feels like and this isn’t it.

Also according to WebMD I have all the symptoms of prostate cancer, severe prostate cancer (where it’s made it’s way into your spinal cord).

I’m only 23, I know it’s not an STD since I’m still a virgin and I usually don’t hang around people with STD’s, I don’t know what’s going on and it sorta scares me, my biggest fear is that it’s cancer.

So what the heck is going on? Any one know?


No offense, but why ask us? GET THY ASS TO A DOCTOR.

And good luck.

Yes, go to a doctor instead of posting such things here. If it really would be a cancer, not waiting could save your life.


Don’t self diagnose with those kind of things, it’s dangerous. Many people that do that will get a whole other kind of sickness: hypochondriasis. Go to a doctor instead, he or she knows what to look for and can tell you a lot more than a page on the internet, which is usually just generic information. Be careful with your life and go to a doctor asap, it’s much better and it will lessen the worries.

and I usually don’t hang around people with STD’s

You can’t get an STD by hanging around with people that have one of them (neither can you get one by sitting on the same toilet as someone who’s got an STD).

Many people don’t even know if they have one of a certain amount of STD’s, especially females (STD’s are often much more painful to have for a male, while females usually don’t experience much problems at all).

Also, there are "STD"s you can get without having sex. Anyone can get Candidiasis. If you’re unlucky and your body is sensitive to it, you can get it by eating certain types of food.


get to a doctor. Don’t look on the internet to see what’s wrong with you, you don’t have the knowledge to diagnose symptoms correctly.

And, because I couldn’t resist it - how would you know if anyone you hung around with would have and STD?

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<JB> I hope you don’t have Prostate Cancer, my father-in-law had it, six months later he was gone…

…however saying that it is perhaps possible that you might still have Kidney Stones, See this site for more information -

…But just to be safe GET TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY, failing that go to your nearest Hospital Emergency Department NOW!!!

This morning I cut my arm on a USB-stick and there came blood out of me. Do I have aids now or do I need a bandage?


Get a doctor.

It is not appropriate to discuss medical-related issues here. This is not a community of medical doctors and the risk of bad diagnoses is too high. Consult a real doctor.