Do i have to unpack my textures?

I used the ‘pack into .blend’ option so I would only have one file to send, but when i open it an try to render the textures are all black - even though i can see them in the image editor and the viewport.
It all works if i unpack the images, but it feels like it should work even without this. Is it possible or do I have to unpack every time I open a .blend with textures added?

So I guess no one really knows.
I’ve noticed some posters on blendswap telling people to unpack the textures of downloaded files, so I guess Im not alone in having this problem. Just so people know if someone else reads this thread.

So I guess no one really knows.
I guess because you didn’t bother to attach a blend file that other users could actually look at or other info such as operating system, blender version, official or experimental version and build number if appropriate

If your using cycles then unpacking the textures is necessary: It’s a known bug/issue.