Do I have to use cycles to get light beams and glare?

I’m currently using Blender Internal for rendering and I have a sun lamp in place. My problem is that the interior of my building is almost shadeless, it looks like this:

What I want is visible light beams, glare where the light hits the tile, and darkness in the higher parts of the ceiling, as well as the far ends of the room, as shown in this photoshopped image I made here as an example:

Is there any way to get these effects with blender internal, or do I need to use cycles? If cycles, could someone point me to a tutorial or something, please? I have zero experience with cycles…

Thank you

In internal you could simulate volume with volumetric light and than add glare in node editor.

Take care.

BI Spotlights have a “cone” option (see attachment)
The glare can be done in the compositor.


indirect_BI.blend (564 KB)

Thanks for the help! I will try these! 2ndClemens, thank you for attaching the blend file, that also helped me realize why the interior of the building wasn’t dark, it was because I didn’t solidify it…