Do I have to use only FOSS software?

I know this may seem stupid or problematic, but I apologize.
My question is: Must I use FOSS software for everything if I use Blender?
My situation:
I am making a little video project on physics sims in Blender. I want to use Blackmagic Fusion and Davinci Resolve(both free versions) for my compositing, video editing, and finishing. However, since I use Blender and Cycles, I feel as if I must utilize other FOSS software to finish my project, like Natron and Blender Video Editor, both of which I do not prefer. This also extends to only using open source renderers, etc. (Renderman hates me :o) So, must I use FOSS software to finish this project and many others like it, or is that a misconception of mine about the ideals of FOSS?

What makes you think that. The use of FOSS is not generally seen as a lifestyle or a moral issue, so it is okay to use commercial software.

The truth is, there are some areas which FOSS simply does not cover at all or is doing a poor job at covering. The majority of people on this forum also do not use a FOSS-exclusive pipeline (because they use the tool that does the job).

Okay, thanks for getting that off me. I really don’t know why, but I thought that using FOSS + commercial would make problems when I finally am done, from copyright to the simple ethical problem of ‘Why didn’t you use this FOSS program instead? Commercial sucks!’ I know that is garbage, I just didn’t realize that.

USE THE BEST TOOL for your needs ( within your means )

sometimes that is NOT something under the GPL or like license

sometimes the BEST tool is very pricy
sometimes that is what MUST be used , sometimes NOT

some people are EXTREMISTS weather it is Microsoft , apple or Linux it is ALL OR NOTHING
– not good

use the tools YOU NEED

right now MY needs do not REQUIRE that i buy anything that is proprietary
but i also DO NOT use anything from Microsoft , and have not for 10 years .

Huh. I can’t live without Windows and Chrome, and use Visual Studio for coding. Different people, different needs.

Ideally, I would use all FOSS for my work, but sometimes those apps. just don’t provide near the amount of functionality and power that is needed to do any job that can be thrown at it.

For example, I use Genetica 4 for textures (commercial software) because the only texture-centric programs in FOSS are small projects made by hobbyists that always wind up stagnant. I use Mixcraft 5 for music (commercial software), because LMMS is very limited in terms of layout options and doesn’t have many options for virtual instruments (not to mention how it does not come with 5000+ sound samples).

Huh. I can’t live without Windows and Chrome, and use Visual Studio for coding. Different people, different needs.

by 2005 i was building things in MS VisualStudio only about 5% to 10% of the time
and using gcc in MinGW 90+% of the time

the move to linux was easy

but use what YOU need and like

Yup, just use what you need/want and within your budget. I use Photoline (commercial) because I will not sign up for Adobe’s digital serfdom, and because it is comparable in pro-level image editing features - nothing on the market comes close.

But I use Krita for my digital painting needs, because it is far better than most tools out there (commercial or otherwise), and I love working in it. Aside from Blender I still use Lightwave and an older version of Cinema4d, and make use Fusion and Resolve as well. And 3dCoat is also part of my pipeline (commercial).

Whatever works best for you, and what you can afford.