Do I need all smoke data for a single frame image render?


I have a smoke simulation in my scene, with 250 frames of data. If I want to render just a single frame (consistently), do I need to keep the data for the other frames?

E.g. If the 200th frame is the one I want, can I delete all the other smoke sim files and just leave “config_0200.uni” and “fluid_data_0200.vdb”? Will it render OK or do you need the preceding frames?

I’m just trying to reduce my file size, as uploading 200+ frames worth of smoke sim data to a render farm is quite slow for iterative changes.

Cheers, G.

If you can extract the VDB from the cache data, just do that and import it into your scene. Then you’ll have a single fixed smoke frame you can render from any angle.

Sorry to be a bit dense - but import how? Would this be via the cache path? I don’t see an obvious way to import data, only to write it to another folder.

Use SHIFT-A with your mouse over the 3D viewport.
You can import a single VDB as a volume object. Apply a volume material when you render.

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