Do I need really the Blender 2.3 Guide ?

I am a complete newbie to 3D; I never never touch it before.
But I am in enthusiasm to learn it. There have been so many free online tutorials, is this guide really worth the money ?

You don’t need it, but it is handy. Plus if you buy it you are supporting the Blender foundation. Also I can honestly tell you it is one of the thickest books I own, and I own quite a few.

OK I brought the guide, and I have to say I was not entirly impressed, you can download the documentation, from blender org, which has been recently updated and is almost complete.

Of course you can also support Blender by making a donation if you wish, if you are a complete beginner with Blender then you may find the manual usefull.

Also try not to be to impressed by the thickness of the book, a lot of those pages you may never use!