Do I Need to be an 3D Drawer to be able to use Blender?

Hello there, Bratto is the name. I just got a question for you guys thats experienced too Blender or anything done by the Computers really :wink: Here I go!

“Do I need to be an 3D Drawer to be able to use Blender”
“Is it hard to learn”:confused:
“:eek:I’m an terrible Drawer in real life, Barly manage to draw in 2D:eek:”

Thanks In advance

-Dear Bratto.

Welcome to Blenderartists, Bratto. It helps to know how to draw but isn’t absolutely necessary for modeling (it’s not called drawing in 3d). For example, you can work from existing reference images. Hopefully you have or will develop a sense of 3d space and volume. Do you sculpt?

Obviously, drawing skills help if you want to create your own references or concept art. Also skills such as observing form, light/shadow, etc apply when creating an excellent scene/render.

drawing should not be your problem,
i recommend you to start with easy things.
Draw a ball or Egg and shade it, then you can try some flowers etc etc,
it will not happen in 1 day, but after some weeks you should be able to draw an ok human body(ofc when you have a good book as reference, it helps tons)

Ok back to 3D, there are a billion tutorials on modeling, and also this takes time. So modeling a simple car or dolphin should be ok, then you start do more complex stuff like a human body :slight_smile:

i think that the most problem is the time, the real time you need to do stuff.

I like to sit somtimes and think about the greatest fighting scenes in history ever but when i then imagine just for 1 second how much time it would take, it kills my daydreams.

keep um Motivation and Direction, the rest will come

You could also literally draw in 3D using blender’s “texture paint” mode which will let you drawing interactively on 3D objects like you would be doing in real life.

Pretty cool.

Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it.