Do I need to install Python for Blender 2.49 on Win7? (newbie)

I just downloaded and installed 2.49B on my Win7 system. Got a message during the setup that I needed Python 2.x (don’t remember the version exactly). I was able to start Blender OK. At least it didn’t crash, although I don’t know how to do anything with it yet !

Do I need to install Python separately? From where? What does Blender use Python for, anyway?

Obviously, I’m a raw newbie, but I did read the FAQ’s and searched the web site before posting this…



You don’t need to install python. It is used for some of the export and modelling scripts so unless you use them you wouldn’t have any problem. There should be no problem if you do install it but you will need the right version (not the latest), the one that it says you don’t have in the terminal window.
Download from


Yeah, it’s true you can run it without it but in case you want to install, I am using python 2.6.3 with Win 7 and Blender 2.49a and it seems compatible so far.

But it seems there are some critical bug fixes in 2.6.4

Python 2.6.4 is a critical bug fix for Python 2.6.3, which had regressions in the logging package and in setuptools compatibility. Python 2.6.4 was released on 25-Oct-2009.