Do I need to reinstall the addon when installing a new version of Blender?

I have used 2.81 in the meantime and installed 2.82 today.
However, there was no add-on that I had been using.
Even they were not searched in user preferences.
Going back to 2.81, add-ons remained the same.
Probably because they use different folder trees.
I am now manually reinstalling my add-ons.
How do you manage add-ons when installing a new version of Blender?

They’re usually copied over during the install process… on Windows, anyway. If you’re on Linux or Mac, I have no idea.

You can find user-installed addons in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender<version-number>\scripts… again, that’s on Windows. Other OSs?

I am a Windows user.
I downloaded the msi file from and installed it.
I am not sure why automatic copying didn’t happen and omissions occurred in my case.

Me, neither. Perhaps there was a checkbox in one of the install wizard’s windows that got unchecked? I don’t recall there are any.

Did you remember to import your old config file? It should ask you if you want to keep key maps etc when installing a new version of Blender.



I don’t know how I missed this.
Perhaps the first splash screen was turned off unnoticed because I quickly clicked on the screen.

I removed the blender a few times and during reinstallation I figure out that the splash screen appeared when I removed the 2.82 folder in the AppData \ Roaming folder.

I was able to recall the previous version’s settings by clicking the Load 2.81 Settings button.

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