"Do it for me"

I am noticing lately that there a lot of people (mainly fresh kin) posting without doing any searches on google or on the forums for that matter. They seem to not even be trying to do it themselves or experiment, its kinda like telling people to do it for them so they don’t have to lift a finger.

Pardon if I am exaggerating, which I do come out to be sometimes, but perhaps newer people should resort to tutorials, and get an idea of how things work before posting thing like:

I want to have an egg and have a bird hatch from it, can somone tell me how to do that?

I can understand people who have searched around and are maybe looking for suggestions or other techniques on accomplishing something, but this seems a little out of hand. Maybe it is just me, or I just keep clicking on all the wrong posts.

well, i dont know how long you have been around forums, but no matter where you go, there is always going to be people who do that. The forum stickies tell people not to do that, but nobody reads the rules. Theres no real way to stop it, aside from asking the poster to look for them selves next time.

sometimes the case is just that they dont know about the search function, or dont think that their question can be answered by a search because it is too specific. and sometimes, they do a search, but dont find any results that really satisfy them, and dont try different wordings of what they searched for.

but (and no offence) posting about it isn’t going to help matters. the mods are doing a great job already, theres nothing much else they can do about this.

General annoyance with fresh meat is not new.

Be kind and cooly instruct the offender that search (etc.) works. By raising the bar among ourselves we get better at responding and new users integrate into the community/blender easier.

I have been around long enough to know that there used to be a workable amount, no its just kinda like spam. My only problem with it is the fact that there are so many posts like this that I cannot get around to actually helping somone who is really in need, and learn somthing myself by reading replys to people with an actual problem or question.

Also, I have no problem with the mods, nor complaints. Who knows maybe the questions and topics like these will cool down, but if they continue to increase then it will be like trying to read through the my account old email account.

Sure you can’t stop it, but you can reduce it by guiding people to google and the search button. And telling them to slow down and learn a few basics, instead of indulging them and handing out a step by step guide.

Now as I have said I do exaggerate, but I prefer to call it “Exceeding the point” this way I can make the point clearer instead of tippy-toeing.

Eh, my point was that if you (and everyone else) does what they can to help then there is no problem. There are 15,358 registered members here at Elysiun, and more than a couple of hundred regulars. If you think it’s too much for you to handle, then leave it to Fligh %<. Don’t just complain about it (or if you must say something, please word your suggestion less antagonistically).

Well, how about A new section, somthing titled like “Specific Questions” or “Minor Questions” or perhaps “Common questions” Something to post quick specific question into instead of placing it all into the Blender General section to make it seem like spam. Just a suggestion off teh top of my head.

Also the problem is not somone coming along with a new question, but coming along with a question that has been adressed many times before. So it’s kind of like despite 15,000 users I am sure that I am not alone when I say I grow tired of answering the same question over and over again.

I am not trying to rant, but more or less come up with reasonable ideas to reduce the “spam”.

Besides ignoring it and moving on, or telling them to politely use the search function, there’s not really anything else to be done about it. This sort of thing is inevitable as elysiun grows.

Hmm, yes. I know how you feel. About the time you joined the forums there was a big thing about that here, ultimately resulting in our new Focused Critique forum.

One of the considerations was just what you indicate. The consensus among the powers that be is what works now. If it really becomes a problem I’m sure the administrators will adjust things to address it.

In the meantime, take a deep breath and things’ll be OK.

and those of us that answer the common questions [I find fligh % notable in this regard… as well as myself, but there are others [including mods]] are doing a sufficent job

[kind of like the “user questions” problem on blender.org]

half-rant: my post count isn’t so high because I lurk in off topic, it’s so high because I answer all the common questions repeatedly [recalc normals, control+a, ati has issues, intel has issues, materials in game engine… and so on]

For the purpose of educating stupid kids who don’t want to do anything on their own, there’s JustFuckingGoogleIt.com! The primare resource for dumb fucks! :smiley:

Hey B, what’s with those replies? I see you posting them more than once. It seems you get irritated pretty fast by some people and their questions (your emoticon doesn’t change a thing… nice try though). Perhaps you need a hug.

Always yours,

Hey B, what’s with those replies? I see you posting them more than once. It seems you get irritated pretty fast by some people and their questions (your emoticon doesn’t change a thing… nice try though). Perhaps you need a hug.[/quote]

Trust me, I’ve been on a lot of forums, and it’s like a plague. Dumb kids who can’t think for themselves and use Google like everybody else does. They need to be educated. It not only keeps the forum clean of easily found answers, but also will get them the answer faster than posting on a forum in the first place. It’s all about convenience.

I learned to figure stuff out by myself. The hard way. I did ask on forums at first, but quickly learned that it wouldn’t get me the answers fast enough, and often the answers weren’t precise enough. It’s actually a lot easier to do a simple web search than claiming you did and asking in the forum. I’ve seen so many occasions where the user claimed that they searched and found nothing, and when I typed in a few relevant keywords, I got a bunch of good websites within about two seconds. I have no empathy for people who can’t find stuff on their own on the internet. I’m sorry, but it’s really not that difficult. If I could do it aged 13, chances are, practically anybody can. That’s not to say asking questions is bad. Quite the contrary. However, asking questions that beg for a Google search are a waste of everybody’s time. Including the person who asked the question.



We are talking about kids, so we cannot expect them to act like ‘independent adults’ all the time.

Acting social is another thing (check LORD)
but this counts for everybody.

They need to be educated.

true. But you’re really not doing a good didactic job with your ‘JustF#ckingGoogleIt’-replies.



Well, that’s an extreme. I mean, I’ve been a bastard about the quality of people’s work, but as far as I can remember, I never posted something quite that blunt. That just asks for a whipping.

If it’s really obvious that they should have searched first, then I think it’s appropriate. That of course depends on the tone of their post. It shouldn’t be done when people have shown genuine effort in conducting a search by themselves or anything equivalent. However, it they’re all “lolz showe me teh DaMn link to teh ttuorial rofl coz i cnt find it lmao!!!1sixtytwo!!11eight!!111”, then they need to get whacked over the head.

So with “they need to be educated” you actually meant “they need to be teach a lesson”?
BTW, your example is also an extreme.

But I must confess:
I still kept it ‘nice’ though. %|

Here’s a tip:
Next time, instead of saying “Just Google it”, include a link to a google results page, with obvious search terms and the right answer prominant near the top.

This does a few things:

  • Actually answers the question
  • Proves the answer can actually be found in Google
  • Suggests search terms to use next time
  • Makes you seem less like an arsehole
    Just saying “STFW” does none of these things.

Seriously. It’s not that hard to do, and I certainly hate being told to SFTW by someone who hasn’t tried the search themselves, when it’s something that’s actually hard to find good search terms for.

That’s exactly what I always do. Usually the word “Google” is a link to my results.

Nicely done :smiley:

That post wasn’t directed at you specifically, it was directed at everyone who just says “Google it”, assuiming the answers are out there. And let me say that in no way did I base my opinion of your behaviour in Q&A entirely on this thread. Absolutely not.
I think he bought it…