Do not render smoke domain!

Hi guys,
I worked with smoke in cycles but not often in blender internal.
Now, for some reason, i have to use the internal.

Could anyone help me understanding how to make the smoke domain invisible in blender internal render?

Do you have some trick to make the wire of the domain invisible in viewport too?
I’m using GLSL

(I’ve look for info in the forum yet, but I didn’t find such a thing…)

You can turn it off in outliner by clicking the camera icon.

Well, you need to set the domain to render as the smoke volume. How you do that is to change the domain material type to ‘volume’ and set the density to 0. Next, go into the texture panel and create a new texture, and set it to ‘voxel data’ in the drop down bar at the top. Then select your domain object in the settings, and turn the density slider up to 1 in the influence settings.
[Edit: Oh, you’re talking about GLSL…]

Just turn it off

I found one problem.

If I am in cycles render when I create the domain,

even though I switch in BI, the domain become and remain visible in BI render; and become necessary to play with material…

The default BI material is a surface material, not a volume. If you create it in Cycles and switch to BI, then add a new material, that will be the default material until you change it. The surface of the domain is of course a cube. You do want to render the domain, so don’t turn off its visibility. What you want to render is its volume. That means you need a volume material, not the default.

Thanks guys… I understand!
I have the last (i think) question:

in GLSL viewport if I select the domain I can see the smoke, as you can see in the bottom image:
the question is how I can hide the orange line of the selection in viewport (without turn off my smoke too). I try “Only Render” too without result.
Any idea?

Enabling “only render” does take care of that for me.

i think it because of the adaptive domain,turn it off and only render should work for opengl