Do objects beyond frame impact rendering performance?

In a hypothetical scene with an 100 x 100 x 100 array of cubes (applied modifier, or not), the camera / frame may only be focused on a few of them. Will the objects that fall outside of the frame intended to be rendered impact the performance of the rendering?

If the answer is yes, would it then be best to isolate those objects; e.g., put them on another (unrendered) layer, or is there some other preferred method short of deleting the objects that are out of frame?

Thank you for any reply.


I would suggest that you suppress geometry which you know will not be part of a particular shot that’s being rendered. Simplify the problem for the computer as much as possible.

Sometimes you want those objects to be evaluated, however. Such as in the case of reflections. If you have a mirror material on the cubes you would want the cubes out of frame to be evaluated for the correct rendering of those that are in frame. Shadows as well.

Render times are affected by geometry and texture data outside of your field of view. If you think about how global illumination works, they have to be loaded otherwise you would get flashing as they popped in and out of existence and new light rays discovered them in the next frame. If they’re far enough away to not be hit with your bounce settings you can probably animate their render visibility. For example, if you were using two bounce diffuse lighting (standard for path tracing animation) you could probably turn off any cubes more than 5 or so away from the one in the middle of the frame without any noticeable artifacts, but this will change from scene to scene or with difference light bounce settings.