Do Office Chairs Dream of Open Spaces?

The chair is from one of my entries earlier in this year’s “CGTalk Hardcore Modeling: 30 Models in 30 Days” challenge.

Blender 2.44 + slight contrast adjustment in post.

Thank you for viewing my work,


Yes, yes they do.

Intresting bleached look you did for the water, sky and rock. Its very surreal, which i guess could be associated with a dream, certainly this syle is used in film to represent dreams or memories.

I like the way I cant figure out where the light is coming from, the shadow on the chair is hard and directly under the back of the chair indicating that it is in sunlight coming from directly above, yet the restappears to have soft lighting.

Out of interest, what type of texuring did you use for the rock? Is it precedural?

Overall this is an appropriately surreal piece for the title. If you made this a wide image with a higher resolution it owuld make an excellent desktop image.

Slightly different from some of your recent work, so it’s nice to see a change. I really like it when people give inanimate objects the feeling of life, when done correctly, so good job!

I notice this is something different from all of the art I’ve seen from you that have similar looking faces in them in different decoration.

As is one of the reasons I didn’t comment in the Autum’s bane image, I see the face and it felt, been here, done that, the same as 50 other of your pieces. Though it’s admired you try some variety with the same subjects. This is a good image.

You do know I do the same thing with the partial sameness there, but I understand you like character images.

Quite an interest picture!

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

nice work

My chair feels like its already been in an open space… for 20 or 30 years, during a flood

good job…


Ha! I finally found something wrong with one of your pictures! :smiley: The fabric on the chair isn’t very convincing at all. Unfortunately everything else is superb, so I’ll be forced to give you 5 stars once again.

Who even said it was fabric, it looks more leathery to me.:wink:

looks a bit like that crappy cheapy vinal to me… i should know… im sitting on some 50 p vinal…

I don’t see it (the cheap), though that may mean my mind is incompatible with yours in some way:spin:

im sitting on the cheap… i liked my old cast iron architect chair… but we couldn’t keep that… now we have a crappy bit of plastic that rolls everywhere

i would prefer it if all furniture was put back 40 or 50 years… i mean laminate… i will shoot whoever invented that…

anyway… OFFTOPIC


RobertT, you never fail to astound me.

lol, it’s nice to see some funny projects every once and a while. Very nice!

I really like this one, very nice render, great lighting. The texturing on the chair is iffy, but overall, very nice.

5 stars here…

I like it very much robertT. Did you model the seagulls aswell?

That’s awesome! love the concept of the image! Where’d you get the inspiration from RobertT?


Idk if any one else caught it so HaHaHa.

I don’t really like this image. The idea seems… childish or stupid I can’t think of the word. But well executed.

w000w very good idea and render!

Great image!
I think that the answer to the question would be whether you go by the book, the released movie or the director’s cut…