Do others need python?

If you make a game to distribute, do the other computers have to have python downloaded? Even if it is an .exe? How about if I’m not using scripts?

I don’t have python installed, and I can run .exe’s.

Can you run games with scripts?

Edit: and I mean a game that was made from blender, not just any .exe

I think as long as the scripts are packed into Blender you are fine. However, when calling external libraries, then the end user has to install Python.

To run the .exes that blender makes, you need to have certain 4-5 dlls. But since its fine if all you do is have the dll in the file with the exe, just zip them all up in the folder with the exe for your game. So they come as “part” of the game.

Others playing your game will not need Python installed as long as you include the Python .dll with your distribution.

Also, if you import any external Python libraries, then those will also need to be included. A collection of the most common extra libraries can be found in the main Blender directory in the Python .zip file. If you use any of the libraries found in there, be sure to include the Python zip file and zlib.dll along with the Python .dll file in your distribution.