Do particle 'objects' converted to actual objects take longer to load in render?


I have a tree with fruits. The fruits are hair particles set to ‘object’ - a model of fruit is summoned to appear as a hair particle.

I then want to make the fruit fall in a certain order (caused by a bird flying around hitting the fruits), i convert the fruits to being ‘real’ objects in the same place that they were as hair particles (‘Convert’ on the modifier). The fruits have then been given each a constraint which animated to make them fall to the ground.

The trouble is, the scene is now taking many times longer to load before it even starts rendering compared to when the fruits were still there as particles.

What is new here is that

  1. particles are converted to actual objects.
  2. the actual objects now have an animation timeline.

I’d like to think that 1) would not be the cause of slow loading because whether the fruits are particle or objects, they still ultimately are the same amount of vertices. However, maybe the act of being particles somehow benefits from the way Blender is programmed and so is faster?

Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks.