Do people use asset models a lot?


It’s been months that I’ve been learning 3d, but I still can’t do modeling decent face or hand. Human body is just so difficult.

My purpose of learning 3d is making animations, authoring short movies. So I need to be generalist who can manage 3d, sound, music, texturing, animations, all things out there.

Modeling characters are darn time consuming, let alone it is difficult.
I started to use preset models that other apps or websites provide.

Do I have to be professionally good at modeling to make animations? Or do people like me use assets that other people made?

Well it depends on what level you want to work.
If you want to do everything yourself, you can do it however you like.
If you intend to collaborate with people you know, as a common project, you could split tasks so that each one does what he is best at.
You could create your studio if you’re up to it and set up the tasks the way you like it. The “author” of an animation takes care of storyboarding and editing more than 3D application themselves…
If you want to be hired in a studio, first most studios won’t use blender (although that tends to slowly change), and will have a specific workflow. The director will probably have basic knowledge of all tasks, but won’t be specifically good at them. An Art Director has to be good at all tasks, sorta speak, and be able to lead the team with an artistic vision.
Then you have specialists who achieve specific tasks such as modelling, rigging, animation, texturing, and many more tasks depending on the size of the studio. 3D generalists are employed in smaller studios, in that cas yes, you’ll have to master as many tasks as possible and as well as possible, I really think not knowing organic modelling can be a big obstacle, but it’ll depend on what sort of work you want to do!

Keep in mind that making professional 3D animation can be enormous work, and teamwork as well as a good workflow is the key.

Check out blenderella tutorials, they’re really perfect for learning organic modelling. Clear and concise.

You mean there are directors who generally know bits and pieces, and specialists who does specific tasks, and someone who combines the work… I see…

I intend to make independent animations, it would be me alone or teamed with only 2-4 people. I’ll be the one who writes storyboard, well,

I guess I should hire small team myself or just buy assets other people made. I tried to make things from scratch but now I understand it’s nearly impossible.

Thank you for the advice

Let me just say…don’t give up. I remember when I first started off with 3d modeling and it was a pain to go through. I wanted to make amazing things really quick and I even have a story with this. Recently I tried to create a video game on my own, just a 2.5d side scroller with some action. However after diving into the project it was just way too much work and I wasn’t even getting funded or paid for it. I tried to make something somewhat similar to my favorite game, Kingdom hearts(Action rpg). I was a fool to think I could get pretty far since It all came down to I really needed a team.

Its been about 2 maybe 3 years now since I’ve been using blender and all that time, even now I’m still learning. There is alot of knowledge out there on how to create various things and we just need to grasp at it till we learn. I’m still working on understanding topology because it is important. Especially in your case where you may have animated characters which need good deformation. Just to get to the point don’t give up. There are more areas of 3d modeling than just organic. There is Hard surface modeling(vehicles, weapons, sci-fi elements, anything with hard surfaces), Organic of course, and I think even a blend of both. Stick to one area and find others who are good at other areas. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to do everything when we can just make it more easier to find help. I know its going to be hard but maybe someone might have a similar vision as you do.

Also don’t worry about using blender, I know maya and max are the standards used in todays industry but I see blender getting there soon. I’m sure there are alot of indies out there that use blender since who has 3k to waste on software that yes gives you more features but blender can do the same thing, make models. Just keep going at it, take it slow and don’t rush it because that will make us dislike something quick.

Hope I have at least been some help to you…