"Do Sequence" and prewiew render

I have blender 2.42 and when i render something with “do sequence” turned on i dont see the progres of the rendering but just the final image rendered. Is it possicle to see the progres of rendering with do sequence turned on?

Are you confusing do sequence with rendering an animation? Do sequence processes the sequence editor. Used for simple composoting effects.

no,i am not confusig the things. I made a scene,than i add it to the sequencer editor so i can add a simple glow effect to my scene.I have to turn onn do sequence to make the glow visible and than i pres render,and then i dont see the progress of the render but just the final image.If i turn off do sequence i see the image getting rendered square by square

Try previewing the image in the sequence editor, might show it there.

The preview button is hidden but you can choose it from a small button. The previewer is an icon of a man, that’s what you’re looking for if you’re looking for the previewer.