Do someone have VISUAL BASIC?

(Ecks) #1

I made a game like one year ago when I begin working with visual basic and I want to post it on my site…I will only post it if some person have visual basic (you must have it to play). I want to know what people think about it…

(theeth) #2

I just remembered that VB can compile in .exe easily (in the File menu, Make Executable). you could distribute the exe, that way people wouldn’t need VB to try it.


(Ecks) #3

Sorry but I already try…you must have some file with it (i dont remember which) so the person must have those file on their computer…

[edit]ok i have try something, but the server of tripod seem to be down…arghh damn tripod…so I will try to post it later today…or tomorrow[/edit]

and tx for the quick reply teeth!

(Schlops) #4

I think you need vbrun600.dll (vbrun?00.dll ) on your comp to run vb generated exes. Most people have it, otherwise you can grab it easiely from the web (less than 0.5 MB)

(Ecks) #5

I try to use “empaquetage” and deployement assistant. It compile all my file and put it in a folder with my .exe

I search for the file you said and didn’t find…I also search in the vb directory and didn’t find it…

(theeth) #6

it’s probably in the c:/windows/system/ directory, like all the other VB dll and activeX control file.


(Ecks) #7

I have vbrun300.dll…is it that?

(theeth) #8

yeah, probably. What version of VB do you have? 3.0?


(Ecks) #9

no 6.0 and I dont understand why this file is not in the package.

When I run “Assistant de l’empaquetage et deploiment” it make a directory with some .dll, my exe and a setup programme…but no vbrun300.dll. And I remember my teacher had make a website where we can download the file"S" to make our game/program work on our computer…

[edit]Ok here is my First game. All “graphic” have been made with Paint (yes, I didn’t have photoshop). I made this a year ago…Tell me if it work! [/edit]

(Apollux) #10

As far as i know all those VRrumxxx.dll files can be found on the Microsoft FTP site. Just be sure to grab the one corresponding to the VB version you used when making your game.

After the file is downloaded copy it to your Windows/System directory and you are free to go. On some systems the directory may be Windows/System32 .