Do UPBGE really worth to replace BGE?

did someone experience a real difference ?

  1. it has many more GLSL nodes (with these nodes one can do very nice lighting)

  2. it has mesh batching - and instancing both important in reducing draw calls

  3. cube map and planar reflect maps (environment)

  4. hundreds of other small fixes and optimizations.

with draw call batching and a texture atlas, a whole level can be 1 draw call.

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  1. no parenting problems
  2. sky blending (aka real sky)

just try it out, you will see.
I wasn’t so eager to go over as well, but now i’m really liking it.

while both bge and upbge are not being developped anymore (correct me if i am wrong), upbge has just fixed tons of bugs that are still present in bge.

Why do people still want UPGE, when there is amory? Amory is a fully blown game engine, as a plugin for blender.

Because it kicks too much butt.

show me a published working game? in armoury*

armory looks nice but it’s also not stable at all (changing all the time)

if someone put in 1/10th the effort they put into armory into upbge it would have surpassed unreal.

We are very close to a PBR pipe
(we have lighting / diffuse)
we have cubemap reflection probes realtime and offline.

the missing part is using render attachments to do reflection as a post process step

part 1 = parallax corrected cubemap reflection

part 2 = SSR w/fallback to parallax corrected cubemap

we can use render attachments in current master
(I can provide a build if you want to test, I used it in my bgmc)

pass roughness / metalness as R / G of a image, reserving B for other FX to attchment buffer

pass position of pixel and normal to attachment buffer

use glsl script to add reflection as a post processing step
run bloom.


is using a cubemap reflection realtime in a nodegraph.
and doing bloom as a post processing step (without a bloom buffer)

:sweat: Is that true about UPBGE?

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Upbge are much cleaner than bge.
Last upbge project… now moving to c and webgl.

Other upbge, on my site.

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Thanks for the update Cotaks.

Sad to see this, but understandable in words of LordLoki.

Nonetheless to say, thanks guys! for the hard work and effort, we really appreciate it, no matter what.

I have a patch applied after that point and there are several bug fixes. (by youle and by master being fixed)

we have render attachments applied to master as well.

libLoad was compromised by a recent refactor / simplification of scengraph,
I could use some help fixing it,

PBR is now 100% possible using Loki’s node + attachments + 2d filter

We can continue development, and I hope Tristan and Loki Return

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funny to see how people are more eager to defend a game engine than give feed-backs on the work of people using that very same game engine.

I just wrote this topic coz UPBGE made my game go down to 30fps… on BGE, my game is perfectly smooth at 60fps and still looks awesome. Yes, I’m a total ignorant noob on all those fancy specular, lighting, eeevee , normals and so on … and i probably made a noob choice in my settings ; but the fact is that fancy rendering stuff can never excuses the murder of the ultimate criteria of a good game : gameplay and any little single micro freezing glitches just ruins the gameplay and makes the player want to cry

For Armory, i tried the demo … extra low poly characters … basic textures … already fan killing ??? --> ok bye bye

UPBGE is faster in every case I have seen, however It’s been a long time since I used old bge.

in your case I would investigate what is slower and why.
are you printing anything in the console?

how old is your gpu?

Well, to be fair with upbge. I tried when my model had heavy .tga textures. I converted them all to .png with -70% weight. I should give a new try , but later ; coz it takes too much time to test all combinations of those rendering options. I think i will stick with BGE and maybe release my game and collaborate with a pro to port it to UPBGE with the right options.

Yes, i always launch .blend in console mode (hell, only a mega genius could make a game without the console hahah). I work with i5 ivy bridge with linux. No additional GPU. I consider that a blender game should play 100% fluid on that PC configuration. A indie game requiring heavy artillery is probably technicaly a garbage. I remember i played 7-8 years ago : Slender Man, the 8 pages. Game looks like a game of 2000. Made with Unity and it was too much for a Pentium4 : technical garbage

I say all this because people have to remind why games like Half Life or Quake 3 were so stunning at play. They never ever laggs. Those games were running like a student’s calculator making a simple 1+1 operation. It was awesome.

looks very awesome game. But this is very low poly. Hard to compare.

Have you seen the average length of Unreal’s release notes though, the first 20 releases may have had the biggest logs in the history of software.

If a single dev. can get UPBGE to surpass it, then something would be seriously wrong with Epic’s development strategy.

Though UPBGE (as well as other engines such as Godot) may not find it so hard to do better than Unreal in another area, and that is in the area of bug count and stability. Epic can fix a lot of bugs, but they tend to introduce tons of new ones along with regressions as well.

bge existed far before unreal.

The BGE though barely had any movement until about 12 years ago (when Blender 2.48 was being developed). Epic’s Unreal engine is in its fourth major iteration and has a impressive history of cutting edge technology. Don’t forget that UE4 wasn’t exactly done completely from scratch, as it had over 15 years of previous development to draw from and build on.

Sure, BGE technically is nearly as old as Unreal, but the amount of development an engine receives is a far more important metric than age.

GLSL has changed a bit,

Structures changed a bit

Tristan has already remade many of the structures.

UPBGE eevee has a brand new modern render /Shrug
Maybe the power of open source is that it’s like Legos,
one dev can build upon the work of the next.

Side note - Stadia type streaming does not violate GPL yet you don’t have to release the source :smiley:

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