Do vehicle models have a lot of verts?

I’m making my Xth attempt at modeling a vehicle.
Is it normal (ha - no joke intended) to have many verts and edges to get the shape correct?

I’m using the technique of blueprints, front, side, top and haven’t started any windows yet - but have been working on the wheel wells/fenders and it seems I need to add so many more loop/edge cuts to get the right curves and shape.

Totally depends how detailed you are going, but yes, they can easily get very dense. Take a look around here and other forums to see people’s wires/wips and get a look at how they do it.
Most people go with the method of blocking in shape, and adding more and more detail each iteration.

depends if you want a low res or high res model !

I got a high res tire with 90 K verts !LOL

so decide first what the res will be and try to work to keep it that way

happy cl

I plan to take a pic of a street and composite it into that photo - so realism (from a distance) is intended.
Good idea, I’ll take a look at the WIPs.

Also dig around for free car models and look at what they’ve done.

Here’s the demo BMW. I’m not a car modeler, but to me it looks like it isn’t too detailed, but the basic shape is really good for how few verts it uses.

as above it depends on the level of detail you need
the auto manufactures have cad and 3d models with BILLIONS of verts

Yes, that is a simple wireframe yet as good detail. Even the ‘seams’ or the gaps around the door is simple. I’ll need to follow that technique - thanks for posting.