Do video games make killers?

lets imagine I produce a video game. Now the purpose of the video game is to go around a city raping and beating women and children where you get more points for each attack. Would you ban the game or not? Why would you need to if the media alone doesn’t affect an individual’s character?

i would ban the game. WHY?

as i said computer games are a part of it all, not the only factor but a part.

if someone plays a game that makes raping (and i am assuming graphicly, rather than cartoonishly) cool, exciting, or fun. then they are one notch closer to thinking its normal.

that alone in a good upbringing is not a huge issue. however you add on.

1)A movie like Gummo, Kent Park, The Butterfly effect… (a hole heap i probably don’t know of)

  1. daily talk show with a rapist

  2. a magazine section that talks about men being far superior to women, and women being objects.

  3. graphic violent porn, S&M, pain, torture…

and various other things, you get a Violent cocktail. each in their own right not a real issue. but in a group and concentrated they can normalise, justify or provoke ones actions.

just as right wing politics is not an issue, when it becomes right wing extremism then it is an issue, the KKK for example. or left wing politics as well, in normal life it is fine but the extremists such as the abortion protestors that killed the doctor, this is where it becomes dangerous.

a game revolving around killing, raping, toturing etc… can only help push some people one direction, but its not the only cause as i say a lot. so it is not totally a bad thing.

and i must say that its societies role to choose where a line is drawn. IMO that line should be none blood/gore violence. cartoon killing IMO is ok. but i don’t much enjoy bloody games.

note that since the culture has been changing, video-games, Tv movies that are violent, major motion pictures that are violent. we have been progressivly getting more violent as a culture. more killings, more media focus on killings, more immortalisation of people who kill.

people who are violent become more famous than those who help, or are nice. and they become famous more quickly.

at some point it will NEED TO turn around, and morals/values will need to be re-instilled, as has happened with fast food (McD’s is now selling good food) because of obesity, things will change because society is self destructing.

it is a swinging balance, that will occur.

Video games are a part of it.
so is blender
so is ten pin bowling


nothing is an excuse

i believe that to rise above any social problems we must reassign personal responsibility.

everything seems to be “i’ll sue you it was your fault” when really the person might become a better person if they looked at themselves in the mirror and learnt from the situation.

understanding what is happening is the first step in taking personal responsibility.

my post is about understanding, not excusing.


Sure, if you are a sane an emotionally intact individual, playing a violent videogame will not drive you to commit similar violence. And no, I don’t think that violent games should be banned, nor do I blame Rockstar for creating Manhunt. Rockstart made Manhunt because it would sell, and it did sell, now then didn’t it? The problem is that there is an audience for this sort of filth. You really have to seriously question the sanctity of the society that is “entertained” by a game that involves brutally murdering innocent people with implements such as hammers. This is fun? Oh my. There is something wrong when we want to simulate brutal murders for fun.

Sure, good parenting will prevent your children, hopefully, from acting out what they see on TV and on their monitor, but really, what is wrong in this society that causes us to want to simulate that sort of thing?! The idea of it is simply sick. I’d sooner throw myself onto a freeway and take my chances with large trucks than beat an innocent person to death with a hammer, why in the world would I want to pretend to do so on my computer?

There was something wrong with the 17 year old who murdered his friend with a hammer and a knife, and I don’t believe that it was caused solely by Manhunt.

There is something greater wrong with the society that believes entertainment involves brutal murders.

So would you allow a game with depictions of child molestation if it was done in a cartoonish way?

That’s an interesting point you make because there was a story on the news about explicit cartoons of the Simpsons family on the internet. Now, despite the fact that child pornography is totally unacceptable, depictions of Bart & Lisa (clearly children albeit yellow ones) engaged in sexual activity are not.

The thing is, do you think that the Simpsons cartoons are able to influence people via the actions of the characters? How many people have you heard say ‘doh’ since the series became popular? No matter whether a medium is cartoonish (i.e. wholly fictional) or not, their influences can rub off if the idea behind them is powerful enough.

I’m sure there are people in this forum who watch hentai or anime movies. BTW, can someone tell me if they are mainly sexual or is it because of the style that people enjoy watching them? Anyway, the point is that some are sexual and despite the fact they are cartoons, someone is being aroused by them so cartoon styles don’t mask content. Like text-based stories they’re just presented in a different form. Sometimes that’s more dangerous than a graphical depiction because it lets you explore the unlimited depths your imagination can go to.

Games especially because you are in physical control of the graphical content.

Are you saying it’s the quantity of exposure that makes provocation possible? If so, isn’t it possible that someone could play a single violent video game every day for a year and get more exposure to violence than someone exposed to bits of violence here and there in different forms of media?

I always thought that was true since we are supposed to live in a democracy but I never made a public decision to allow or disallow violent games. What we do is vote a government into power to make the decisions for us - it’s not society who ultimately make up the law.

For example, Manhunt is banned in New Zealand. Do they have a better society than countries where Manhunt is legal? Not necessarily, it’s because the chief censor in their government has disallowed it:

It’s the same everywhere. After all, in Amsterdam, bestiality is legal, the age of consent is 12, hardcore porn is transmitted on terrestrial tv and you can use drugs in cafes - but I bet there are people in Amsterdam who are totally against those things. Is it right that in a democracy, a few individuals should decide what is best for the public?

What I really want to know is, given that at least anogarlr and Alltaken have expressed distaste for violent games:

if you could, would anyone ban the games for their country or are you happy with the laws that currently exist? Should we allow any content into games if murder is ok?

do you know how hard it is not to buy violent games? i looked in my game collection for my console and the only not violent game i have is myst 3.

a video game can give the push to someone who isnt mentaly stable. but most people are mentaly stable so there shouldnt be a problem with violent games

also a violent game can give a outlet, preventing that a person snaps and kills people or even worse things.

err, i haven’t read all the thread, but i figured i’d throw in my 2 cents…
parents who want to ban violent video games etc. are basically just lazy, and want the government to do their parenting for them.
if they don’t want their kids playing that’s their decision, but they have no right to try and force it on other people and it’s simply not the governments responsibility, nor should it be.

oops forgot to mention, video games don’t make killers, simply because someone who might become a killer or currently is one plays violent video is completely irrelevent.
the number of non killers who play violent games massively out numbers the other, plus if someone likes killing in real life, why wouldnt they like games about?
to get to my point people are responsible for their own actions, blaming it on video games is just a bs excuse…

Wow, and at another forum I go to there’s this exact same kind of discussion. In my opinion if someone easily gets influenced by other things like video games then he should avoid violent games. But even then people shouldn’t let themselves get influenced by media, on the other forum with this it’s like stealing cars or swallowing all the blue pills (the matrix) thinking nothing will happen. And if a person thinks that they have a problem.

Yeah, those kind of games, like manhunt, make me sick. :frowning:

I don’t feel that it’s ‘sad’ that there is a target market for violent (brutally in this case) video games…I mean to some people its a release of a long stressfull day to come home and just go on a rampage in a GAME. I agree about the parents being lazy and wanting the parenting done for them. Growing up my parents did a decent job of shielding me from uber violence but when I was old enough to determine what was real and fake they let me play Mortal Kombat II and all the other games that were out around that time and I turned out fine. I started listening to really heavy bands (some death metal) when I was young and still fine, in fact if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be so interested in my hobbies today. I can honestly say that those video games and heavy music lead me to the artistic life I lead today…haha well somewhat artistic I’m not great at it yet. :wink: I picked up a guitar rather then kill a cat when I was young because of the music…I started drawing and reading up on programming because I wanted to create a similar game not commit a similar act I saw in the game. Basically there will always be something that comes out that shocks the parents acorss the world but is it really that big of a shock anymore? Never in our generation, or past generations has there been a time of total peace…there’s alwasy been groups protesting something being a band, a movie. It’s a tragedy what happend but you know that this just means more publicity for the game Man Hunt and people are going to be prone to purchase it to see what the whole deal is…it’s not that great of a game anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for another rant,
pnoland. :slight_smile: