Do we have jiggle weights?

I think we need them if we don’t. Think soft bodies only partial.

If you read the release logs you can set verticies in softbodies to be pinned so they won’t move. Not sure if it’s like the jiggle weights you described.

Jiggle weights? Doesn’t the ‘goal’ setting in softbodies do this already?


heh… jiggle weights…


you mean: like in maya?

no, because we don’t have a jiggle deformer, like in maya…

Damn, well that complicates things. how would you simulate fat jiggle on a fat character?

You could write a script link to rotate a set of bones based on a certain action according to an equation that has a time-based dampening factor.

Script links are very useful for simulating dynamics if you’re into programming.

IKs, parents, delayed rotation, and a lot of skill.

see here: (in the tutorials link),

He has a tutorial to do what you wish with softbodies. Basically weight painting the blend between the armatures and softbodies influence. The method has worked quite well for me.


Thanks Grey beard, should come in handy!

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