Do we have lightsplitting through glass/gems yet?

I’ve done some looking around and I’ve been finding posts on various sites (edit: from 2011 and 2012) stating that getting realistic looking gems or thick glass is tough in cycles because it doesn’t include light splitting “yet.”

Do we have that now, and if so, how can I simulate it? I found a node setup that does an alright job of splitting the colors going through glass and refracting them, making it look like solid, thick glass, but my render still doesn’t look right.

If we don’t have that implemented in cycles yet, can anyone give me tips on what I can do to make an emerald look right? I’m having a hard time making it look like anything other than green glass. I’ve done all the obvious things like mixing glass and glass, glass and gloss, using fresnel, layer weights, trying to factor by light paths…any help would be greatly appreciated!

No, this requires spectral rendering to do correctly, which isn’t even a goal on the roadmap for cycles. You could try splitting rgb into separate channels and giving each a different IOR but it will be slow to render.