do we need a new cycles benchmark

i see that people are using many many different versions of blender and not all hardware is the same…

i could have had a gtx 460 and someone could have had a gtx 460 factory overclocked with more cores but they are both posted as gtx 460

the scores will be different and cause confusion

im sure the the bright blender community we could find some software to scan our system and we can just past the our specs in a forum just like they did before but all the specs will be on one page

i also think there needs to be a version for cpu and gpu because alot of people are setting there tiles weird and posting the results

now discuss :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we need a new scene, that has textures and not just basic shaders, or we could add textures to the current scene.

Hm, textures and compositing only increase loading time and distorted the GPU performance.
New scene or BMW without compositing new lightning (Multiple Light Sampling) and new tiles setting.

Cheers, mib.

Add some procedural shaders to the current file imo;

Well, yeh, that’s the idea of having a benchmark; people not supplying the details of their spec, well that’s always going to happen and nothing you can do about it.

Other than, perhaps, have a moderator assigned to the thread that deletes posts that don’t follow set criteria - exactly.

Using different versions of blender should be permitted though. 2.62 is obsolete re cycles.

that’s why i said have software that detects our specs and put it in to a log file or something so they can just copy it over
every one will know what it is then and if there’s bottlenecks and such because it shows everything