Do we still need the Bullet/OGRE sticky?

I’m always trying to keep the number of stickies as low as possible, and I was just eyeing the Game Engine Improvements with Bullet and OGRE thread. It’s pretty much obsolete, now (I think) so I’m suggesting that maybe it’s time to take it down. First I thought I ought to put it to a poll, though, in case anyone has strong objections.

Erwin’s still working on Bullet (it’s at version 2.66 now)

Though I wonder what his status is in intergrating the new version into Blender?

Snailrose recently said on this forum that OGRE is progressing, though very slowly, I don’t think it’ll make it.


until it exists, all it is going to do is frustrate people. I say take it down until Snailrose has a release candidate.

but then again, sometimes forum posts are what keep people going…

you might want to ask snailrose how he feels about it.

I think you should take it down. All it really did was make me mad…