Do you agree with this?

Blender is a ripoff of adobe after effects,maya,cinema 4d,3ds max and zbrush.Me:Lol what?



You forgot photoshop, autocad, unity, vray, and soon iOS, samsung smart tv and facebook.


there is a thing called
" form fallows function "

and how did you come to that conclusion?

Sounds like he is relaying a conversation to me.

I’m assuming that an imbecile decided to tell him that.


Would love to see this conversation, op,
So I can… “re-educate” him :slight_smile:

Actually. Blender was first with it’s GUI. Adobe just copied the look after.

“Lesser artists borrow; great artists steal.”

Originality for originality’s sake is such a misguided goal in my view. Pick the best ideas from the wealth of human ingenuity and apply them wherever they’re best suited to solve the problem at jamd. Iterate as new ideas come along, rinse and repeat. That is evolution - that is progress.

Some of the greatest progress Maya has made in recent years is by shamelessly ‘ripping off’ things that MODO has had for years - better and more intuitive modelling tools, UV tools, sculpting - generally a more artist-friendly UI and workflow.
They saw that MODO solved some problems (particularly with regards to artist workflow) in clever ways and took those ideas to improve Maya. And thanks to this approach, Maya 2016 has grown stronger in recent years than I’d ever have expected. :slight_smile:

will i wont say ripoff but ill say a replacement software ,yeah sound,s good this way :slight_smile:

People get inspired by other peoples work. We all get influenced by each other all the time. Artists get inspired by other artists work, and the same applies to programmers, writers, musicians, scientists, etc. The Blender development team gets inspired by other 3D programs just like the teams that develop other 3D programs get inspired by others. It’s a natural state of affairs.

“Heh… what part of flame-bait troll is hard to understand?” :ba:

Do not rise to the occasion, even when dared to do so.

“Truth” is, every digital computer ‘borrowed’ its most-essential concept from ancient rock-art. If you look on any square-centimeter of any such cliff surface, then you will either find that: (“1”) there is a scratch there, or (“0”) there is not. “Therefore, indisputabably,” every shred of computer-dom is “plagarized” from cave-men … :spin: