Do you animate character with clothing or animate clothing after?

Hey guys, Im doing my first character animation. Ive made all clothing, accessories etc. Im wondering, Is it best to rig and animate the head/body separately and then add the clothing or should it be done together?

I would animate the clothes afterward because this technique is common in Pixar and other productions.

Because the approach to adding animation is
There are two types of primary animations and secondary animations.

When a character’s entire body, excluding his or her face, is put into motion, this is called primary animations. You’re going to have to move your clothes, your hair and accessories (like earrings), and other small things. It’s called secondary animation.

We do it this way in Japan too!
Many of the CG animators working in Japan do it this way.
In a small production, the camera is also an animator’s job.
In that case, it’s before primary animation, primary animation, and He said he would decide on the camera work between secondary animations.

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Thanks for your reply. When you say animate later, what process would you use to animate the clothes, shoes, earrings etc? What I have been shown so far is essentially creating a rig, which I have done, then attaching the rig to everything using weight painting and constraints etc being applied accordingly. What would you recommend?

Sorry, I’m only am character animator and Maya user,
I don’t know anything about blender simulation.

I can’t take responsibility for answering this question.

but one thing is sure is there is an online school to ask for pro on the internet.
I recommend that :slight_smile: