Do You Backup Your Stuff in Cyberspace?

there’s a lot of sites offering free storage these days. seems logical to backup my stuff somewhere in cyberspace so its “always” there. im thinking in terms of 10 GB. Do you recomend it? do you do it? if so, how much space do you use?

and most importantly, WHAT IS THE BEST SITE FOR STORING/BACKING UP YOUR STUFF, in your opinion?

you should make a local back up too.

I had my stuff backed up, but thanks to someone overdoing the download limit , they locked my account, and destroyed my data.

it would work, but you would need an extremely fast internet connection

i backup my most impotent stuff on cd/dvd’s, on-line, and on a usb memory stick

I don’t use cyber backup.

i personaly backup my stuff on my web server but with 40 + gb of just basic crap to backup it takes a while even with a fiber optic connection as the hosts upload limit is 500 kbp/s (and many of them DO have the limit so not to stress the server)

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Sorry I couldn’t help it :evilgrin:

And as for backing, up I don’t use online storage. I generally have important stuff in more than one location (ie separate drives). But very often I just forget to backup :\ Haven’t lost anything so far though. Of course I don’t have a terrific amount of stuff on my pc that I would call important.

I use my website for some small, but very important things (prob less than 1/2 meg total). Other than that, I’ve just bought an external drive, and I back things up on CD’s and DVD’s.