Do you believe in gaints?

Do you believe in giants?

Certian bible passages, as well as many other ancient manuscripts make reference to giant humans. Many oversized unusual skeletons have also been found, what do you think

some interesting sites:

It’s interesting how many of them are described as having two rows of teeth. It’s all so unnatural that it seems a bit creepy to me.

I’m pretty skeptical about it though. Call me crazy, but none of those sites seemed all that reliable. And I’m curious to know why I’ve never heard of this if it’s as common as those sources suggest. Surely the Discovery Channel would have had a special on it by now. :wink:

Do you mean giants as in 8 foot-tall people? Yes, I believe in them :wink:


end of story

How can people not believe in giants? Especially when we have photos and skeletons and stuff. I can understand the skeptiscm about the 12 feet tall double teeth beasts, but there really is/was big people.

Of course there is the occasional freakishly huge person, but I’m not so sure that a “giant species” ever existed. And as long as sources are accurate and reliable, I have no reason to doubt their existence. The problem is that many sources don’t seem so reliable.

I know that elephant bones were often mistaken for giants back in Rome.

According to this:

“Giants” in the bible was a mis-translation and a more accurate translation is “The Fallen”.

He-blend, you’ve been reading the book of Enoch again, haven’t you? Don’t you know that book is banned from the bible? The book of Enoch is full of stories of hungry giants and angels etc. It’s almost as if our bible writers wanted to remove all trace of Enoch.

Funny the only direct reference to Enoch in our bible goes something like this: Enoch was born. Enoch lived and Enoch died. Now if you want to insult someone thats the perfect way to do it.

He-blend, Do I believe in Giants? I do. I always wondered why the Scandanavians are so tall and white. Ha, ha, ha.:slight_smile: If man came from africa in recent times then why are Scandanavians so white. And in a cold climate people are supposed to be small to conserve heat don’t you think?

I didn’t believe in little hobbits either until their bones were found on the Island of Flores last year. So I’m keeping an open mind on giants.

Ozo, you’re American right?
It’s funny how Americans are filled with stereotypes that Scandinavians are blonde and tall and the early Germanic people had red hair and said “Argh!” :]

(EDIT) checked your profile, sorry Aussie :] (/EDIT)

Scandinavians are not any whiter then their neighbours from Western Europe or the Baltic/ Russian states or even former Yugoslavia.
A lack of direct sunlight on the other hand…

The Spanish are mainly derived from the early Visigoths who came from Sweden after a brief stay in the Alps.
Just like the Ostogoth who travelled to Turkey.

The reason why they’re not blonde and white-white is because of “influences” from Northern Africa.
Just like Southeastern Europeans are influenced by the later Turks.

Northern Europeans never had that contact.
…until 50 years ago…

Man came from Africa?
Perhaps yeah. But not directly.
Dutch is an Indo-germanic language, which means it has its roots in…

In China they found the mummy of a red-haired Caucasian wearing a…

There is so much we don’t know.

When they say man and beast, do they mean Animals or people of color ?

When they say man and beast, do they mean Animals or people of color ?

If that’s a Bible reference then it’s takling about animals, if it were talking about people with different skin color it would have probably specified them by region or actually stated, “dark skin, fair skin ect.”. I believe in giants. I am a giant, I eat people and cause rampages in towns, smash buildings, you know the usual. It’s a tough job, but sombodies got to do it.

The bible says that Animals and people can have offsprings %| I find that hard to believe cause they been screwing each other for years and still nothing %|

Where? I know in the Bible it says that they should’nt have sex, but I never heard of them having offspring. If you would be so kind as to post the verse or passage, that would be greatly appreciated.


I believe in the existance of very, VERY tall people. We have proof of it from the skeletons, and some people today (even if rare) are more than 2.2 m tall. According to the Guinnes book, the tallest man in the world was 272 cm (8 ft 11 in).

And this is the tallest man living.

Lol Ok I see no place where it says in what you posted, as the bible saying anything about people having sex with animals or anything. It only gives reference to the old passage about “The Sons Of God” and about satan walking around on the earth. If you could I’d really appreciate it if you would post what you read, cause I did’nt see it.


There are some additional notes I wish to point out before closing. According to the ancient manuscripts, the Watchers not only provoked God by going into earthly women but, they also provoked Him by going into different animals - bestiality. And they taught man these depraved acts as well. And the results of their offsprings, as you would probably surmise: terrible giants, unheard of abominations, horrible to look upon. Even the ancient historian Herodotus (circa 500 BC) made minute quotes of some of these attrocities (sic) of nature. But let us quote from another ancient manuscripts that was mentioned by the chroniclers of Joshua 10:13, and 2 Samuel 1:18 :

I believe there existed giants. Heck, giants exist today --our better health and size makes them seem less giant to us though…

I always find it a bit funny when people “study” the Bible to advocate their mystical ideas: then others who hear it believe all kinds of weird things about the Bible.

The symbolism is very clear. The “children of God” are those who are faithful and follow him. The “children of Men” are those who are unfaithful to God and follow the mythologies and philosophies of man. Hence, that old, much abused passage in Gen 6, would be well put in today’s grammar thus:

  1. In the days when the heathen (those not believing in the religion of Adam and Moses) began to have a baby boom:

  2. Many of the young men of God looked about and saw the daughters of their heathen bretheren. And they beheld that they were hot, sexy babes. And they went and married them.

  3. And the Lord said “Good Grief. To forsake me for that!? Well, here’s some damage control: lifespan now 120 years max.”

  4. Those were the days when violent tyrants, who fell upon others and wasted them, existed. The children of those who men forfeited their faith and the hedonic women were the same: they became despots and destroyers living in infamy. [Whenever the ancient Hebrew texts speaks of “mighty men of old, men of renown” it is a facetious reference to bad people.]

The brevity of the ancient record, and our current mode of thought, causes many to trip and stumble. Extricate yourself from their nonsense! The very idea that angels of God going and having promiscuous sex with mortal women and creating a race of giant people is internally inconsistant.

Hope this helps.

Doesn’t Giants also mean “Larger then life” such as the gods of Rome ?