Do you blend only when feeling like it, or do you blend when you don't feel like it?

If all work in the world depended on people feeling like doing it, nothing would get done?

Because nowadays it’s a hobby, only when I feel like it. The thing is though, I feel like it almost every day. Even when I was working as a 3D artist for a small indie studio I would come home from the office, sit down at my desk and continue working on personal projects - I just love it.

If you do it for a living, you do it every day – whether you feel like it or not.

Remember: Charles Schulz drew 17,987 “Peanuts” comic strips during his lifetime – one at a time, by hand. He never had “a team of assistants” as some of his colleagues did. And, he never let any of the myriad business concerns that inevitably surrounded his success interrupt his daily communion with pen, ink and paper.

I do it for a living, but luckily in my line of work I get to switch back and forth between live action stuff, fx, animation etc. So the real question would be do I ever take breaks. When I can and I don’t have a deadline I think it is important to take breaks so things don’t become stagnant. Go outside, hang out with friends, live life. The work will always be there waiting, life won’t.

I try to do things when I’m not motivated or down, though I’m a hobbyist, I try to use a work ethic. I spent 30+ years where I had to do stuff regardless of how I felt, so I figure, if I can do it for someone else, why not for myself?
I am the same when practising the guitar, the act of doing it makes it easier to do it. :wink:
Also, I tend to find, once I have started something, I switch into auto mode and suddenly find myself engrossed and whaddaya know? I actually end up enjoying it and being productive.
Sure, there are times it’s just going through the motions, but even then, if I can’t apply to something “proper”, I’ll play around with ideas on using a certain tool or workflow, so when I am in the right headspace, I have a better toolbox at my disposal.