Do you ever come across a piece of art you can't stop looking at?

It’s not just like, “wow, that’s cool, moving on.” You keep revisiting it.
It happens to me once in a while…
The latest one I saw on cgtalk. It’s a little creepy, here it is,

but I keep going back to it for some reason.

Share your obsessions.

The reason you keep going back to it is because the artist was able to add some kind of mind control to the viewer (must go back… must go back!!!) … but seriously… it happens… you just really like that peace of art.

Hahaha, as soon as I saw the thread title I immediately thought “Opal Child” :stuck_out_tongue:

It really is incredible.

Do you ever come across a piece of art you can’t stop looking at?

Yea, every month I get memorized by the playboy’s centerfold picture.

just joking, Nice link :slight_smile:

This is the only digital version of this image I’ve seen on the net, apologies for the moderately less that awesome quality, but it’s not too bad.

I can stare at Miyazaki’s sketches forever, but this one is hard for me to look away from.

i’ll go with Opal Child,
here’s the artists cg art gallery.

masterclass artist for sure.

So many… One of my favorite pieces of all time is Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase”, despite its notoriety (it’s safe for work, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it). It’s a fantastic work, and really filled with motion. Picasso’s Guernica and Demoiselles D’Avignon are two other favorites of mine. Dali, Magritte, Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Hopper are some other favorites of mine. I love photographs, too.

I often encounter other works which can hold me for a while, although often they aren’t “famous” by any means and the only time I’ll ever see them is while they’re on display at the museum. I suspect this happens to many of you as well?

I have songs I can’t stop listening to. Generally just plain weird songs (think avant garde metal). I’m really stuck on ‘Vector’ by Ephel Duath. I just have to keep listening to it. I have been listening to ‘I killed Rebecca’ and ‘Vector’ (both by Ephel Duath) pretty much continuously for the past week or so.

Dragon pics.

It’s hard to let go of seeing those Dragon pictures.:yes:

On CG Society there are a lot of pictures that are great in the portfolio section. I personally like the one where this person is eating someones face. Mmmmmmm Cannibalism.

That picture is very well made. I find the staple in her lower lip disturbing though. I guess that is what good artwork does though, it brings out emotions in people. The monkey’s fur is very realistic.

I like works of art that provokes different feelings at different times. I include pictures taken from cameras too - whether this is something taken by a journalist or someone professional - although I am a bit picky when it comes out to be a professional art picture taker - because some of them call art pretty much everything like power lines and I don’t agree.

There are a lot of 2D digital artists that I get hooked on form time to time… some of the stuff is just so beautiful/intricate/so… un-2d that Im just entranced.

With 3D it takes a lot, but this might be one of those… that really is incredible.

free_ality is right - some of those pictures are just amazing. I usually see a guy at Otara markets on Saturday who produces some good pieces of art with with a rag or something dipped in brown ink (or old engine oil) in front of you. Pity I am broke otherwise I’d give him some pingas.

Doesn’t look much on the computer, but in real life I just couldn’t stop looking at it. It’s by Piccaso.

i like the 3d picture in the gallery… Mouth Bitter…i keep looking at least 4times aday

i like the 3d picture in the gallery… Mouth Bitter…i keep looking at least 4times aday
I have to agree. As far as images on this forum goes, that one really draws me in.