Do you Feel you're not getting better?

Hello everyone, sometimes I get this feeling, even upon on all the studies and projects it’s as if I won’t get better past a certain point…Do you experience this?

How long have you been trying to practice?

I always do it… Currently I’m working on some studies

My advice would be to push your comfort zone. Jump into a project that seems a little outside of your ability level. Not too far, if you decide you want to make a Pixar level feature film in your spare time, you will be disappointed and discouraged.

But find your personal edge and press against it. What’s the one thing you shy away from? For me it was UV unwrapping. I got stuck trying to limp along procedural textures for a long time until I decided I needed to push myself. I’m no expert unwrapper, but now I can do it when I need to.


Yes, I’ve definitely gone through that phase. Multiple times. For me, I tend to get stuck doing the same things over and over that I’m comfortable with.

This recent video has been useful in getting me to push out of that habit.

I’ve also found that planning NOT to post stuff online has helped. I can still post stuff later, but I start by assuming that I’m the only one that will ever see it. That way I don’t feel the need to do my best. I can instead just fail at things I’m not as good at until I improve.

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One of the most important things you can do is do your work with a conscious awareness of what you want to improve. If I’m drawing/painting/sculpting a face, I want to be aware of the things I’m not good at, and one at a time improve those features. It’s important to be a critic of your own work so you can find what you can do better. Of course, don’t be too hard on yourself, it takes time to become better at these things. Take small steps when learning.

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Good advice…Thanks
I usually do characters… perhaps I’ll try a different approach to them or a sort of character I haven’t done before

Thanks for this @xrg
I usually post online because of critique I’ll get… It really helps

Okay… In the current studies I’m doing I’m trying to improve how I sculpt facial features, and other parts of the body…

Your advice on this can really help, I guess I should give it time

Sometimes you can box yourself in without meaning to. For years my own ‘abilities’ within Blender reached a sort of glass ceiling because I did things I was mostly comfortable with. It was only through trying completely new things, and doing things which took me out of my comfort zone that I was actually able to break through the glass ceiling, and learn and improve.

I’ve also found over the years, that finishing projects helps too, even if you have to have a break - come back to it, and complete it. I spent ~ 6 months creating a character earlier this year, and took a break half way through. But completing it made me feel like I’d genuinely accomplished something, and improved my skillset.

Just took a little peak at your work though, and it’s all pretty excellent, honestly! :smiley:

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imo fastest way to improve is to ping pong practicing from ref and from mind

drawing on a paper is also VERY effective for your 3d sculpting.
also don’t rush things.

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Thanks Pete…I feel I need this.
Thanks for the compliment :grin::grin::grin:

Thanks… I’ll try to take things slow

Yeah, I feel like that all the time of not getting better all of the time. But the only way I know I got better is by looking at my older drawings.

As for example I can look at something I created back in 2014 and see lots of mistakes. I could easily blame someone else created this because it has nothing to do with my current technique. Lots of mistakes everywhere. Wrong proportions, uninspiring subject, unskilled line art, no references no research done before the piece.

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An S - curve is defined as: "A display of cumulative costs, labor hours or other quantities plotted against time. The name derives from the S -like shape of the curve , flatter at the beginning and end and steeper in the middle, which is typical of most projects.

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That’s something I’ve noticed too… It does help. Thanks

Definitely at the middle :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

This happens when I get stuck. It’s sometimes depressing when I cannot make simple shapes and it feels as if I have stopped learning.