do you got an HP wireless printer ?

If you do please reply, iii nneeeddd ssooommmeee hhheeelllppp quick, like real quick if you got one, with a project :wink:

just say what the problem is. If someone has one and can help, they will. If someone doesn’t have one there’s still maybe a chance they can give you a hand depending on the problem.

I don’t have one myself, but if it’s a technical issue of some kind I’m sure there might be someone here who can help you regardless of what kind of printer it is…

Hi Squiqqly and everybody

I am working on an advertisement with bunch of people, things going well BUT for the add
i need the printer to appear, like either 3d version or photo from right point of view to match the film. So i really need the photo or two from point of view that i can describe later, within
5 hours i think, hopefully sooner. I am in a hurry… In the mean time i will see how i can model a printer quickly, i hope i get a two photos though, would be better