Do you guys animate from a 0 or 1 index (0-9/1-10)?

What do you usually encounter in production environments, starting an animation (and sprite export of said animation) with a 0-9 frame range or a 1-10 frame range?

I dont want to replace my startup file and check atm, but I believe the default blender startup file sets the timeline 1-30.

I have half a mind to redo my animations from 0-9 because it’s quite annoying from a framework standpoint to place 1-indexed objects into a 0 indexed array. I am so used to 0 indexes…

If I have lots of animation (i.e. Characters,…) to do over several hundred frames, I start at about Frame 300 or so in order to not have to move the whole bunch of keyframes later, if I want to add some animation at the beginning.
With little animation going on, I still start at ± frame 10 or so, because I like some ‘still time’ in advace which also lets you store some poses (set keys at the first frames for some objects) if needed.
To me it appears easier to adjust the span of render frames at render time than having to move all the keys in the dope sheet…

If you want the frame numbers clean starting from a specific number, you always can renumber them with a third party utility after rendering.