Do you guys like Shrink-Wrap? Do you find it as useful?

As it fits the faces, the topo tends to end up ‘pixely’… if you do use it, what do you do, to clean/smoof it up?

Generally use it to add holes into my model or to prepare 2 pieces to be merged. I tend to match geometry density so it’s easier to edit them once merged.

Shrinkwrap can be used to make parented objects follow terrain, like zis

Other uses do not come to mind.

Hey, I’m intrigued, could you please elaborate, or even share some kind of model/example?

Holy shit, that vid. Such a genius thing, this Blender!

Still it would be fantastic, if it would not damage things so much, when applied.

Yeah, i fitted a gun into the hull of a plane (sort of :p)

Left one is done with minor editing to the gun and reworking the geometry of the plane to fit the gun.
Right one is just before applying the modifier, the cannon was moved back bit after they were joined. Matcap is on to check for any noticeable artifacts.


Plane_Gun.blend (644 KB)

Nice, thanks for sharing!

Hey! Did not know you may use shrinkwrap like this! All I got was just one pixely flat splatter when I applied SW.

This is so good! Damn. Blender is fucking crazy.

What exactly does metcap? Never used/heard of it before.

Oh, so you define a VGroup to tell it what should wrap around the target!

Fucking genius. This Blender thing is something I’ve been waiting for for a very long time. Like millions of lifes.

He caught the Blender bug.!

“One of us. One of us. One of us…”

Gooble Gahble!!!