Do you have a blog?

Hi! I want to add some blogs to my reading list.
Do you have a game development blog you’d like to share?

I have one but I don’t post very often:

Thanks! I’m trying to set up feedly to keep all my news and blogs that I read in one place. I’m not sure if it’s worth it yet…
BTW, the tank AI test looks great. Are you still working on it? I’ve had some great Ideas for AI recently.

the Tanks AI Test is something I cant wait to get back to, it will most likely become my first multiplayer android game.
The AI programming aspect of it something I play with from time to time but there is not enough people interested in an AI contest.

Don’t forget to follow SolarLune blog !

Hey, thanks, Josip! I haven’t posted on the blog in a little bit; I’ll have to keep it up to date.

I think exposing people to AI using python one step at a time and beef up the community is a good idea, I made a demo file thing for exposing navMesh.findPath() but have not done any on tasking and allotted times before calculating a new path etc or facing or moving**

o.o i have this

Thanks, It’s already on my list. :slight_smile:

I just set one up…

Yes I have, but the last post is from 2011, so I would say that I don’t post very often. :stuck_out_tongue: And most of the image files in the blog is lost somewhere. Also my written English is horrible. (I hope it’s improved though)