do you have a life plan ?


i have to say guys , i can’t handle university and blender and everything !!!

my head may get exploded if i continue this behaviour of non-concentration … :o

worked on two commercial projects on blender , had enough , …

i will be here from time to time , but i have to say , i need to concentrate on my studies to have a degree , then i can blend as much as i can in 2011 … :cool:

i will be online something like everyday in this period , i will be here in offtopic , but i have to say , i have to leave blender a little … :frowning: .

i love engineering , i don’t want it to get out of my hands .

thanks guys


go with the flow. making plans is just asking for things to turn out completely differently.

Have you tried drawing ?

Yes. I do have a life time line.

Please consider that I’m already married so many of those thing I’ve written could possibly not happen.


I’m not really into life plans, it always turns out differently. That’s what makes life fun :yes:

Didn’t you make almost this exact thread ages ago?

realistic goals would be a better way to orient your time. Eg: find something you are good at and project that 3 years in the future.

Man dont make plans like that, because its not going to work out that way. Youll find yourself battling your ‘life plan idea’ constantly, trying to stay on course with it. And because of that youll probubly miss all the important stuff.

And who actually plans which year they’re going to get married?!? You cant do that… Its silly. I mean, some people (like myself) have a good idea when abouts marrige would be a good idea, but not an exact date.

Its all about being flexable and just enjoying it all, something which I still need to work on, but at least im not planning out the next 10 years of my life down to the exact dates… :confused:

Yes I do,it is…

work, play, enjoy, be happy…and let nothing get in the way of that.

I think I finally have a life plan.

Make multiple websites with the same content and donate buttons, post them multiple times (while making sure to bump the old threads daily) and then live off the Fat of the Land™.

life is what happense when you are busy making other plans

Hmm, isn’t there someone else who uses that quote around here? :wink:

bigbad: Poor Batman!

guys , need your help , i have to write a lot , may need a lot of posts to write up !! , and sorry if i opened a similar thread long time a go , but i feel it will serve a purpose this time , because of the radical changes happend earlier

i think i need your opinion for organizing myself , i have a lot of questions …
and certain that you can help me , …

i’m a 20 years old Muslim guy , Jordanian , been using blender for some time <five years>
only got an internet connection in November 2007
i was raised saddly in a dis-functional family and i thank god for anything he gives me .

will not tell long stories about my family members , but non loved me nor eachother and still not, ok , i ran into a lot of shocks , in high school , at the first semester i got 74% and was shocked , threw the pc in the locker and concentrated on the school and got 94% in the second semester , my high school grades were 84% which allowed me to study Mechatronics Engineering (Mechanical and Electronics Engineering) , my father was an Electrical Engineer and he insisted to see me an engineer to , i made it for him , for sure , i’m convinced of this profession .

knew 3d back from 2003 , 3d max 4 , switched to blender completly back from 2005 and joined elysiun
my university studys started 2007-2008 , at that time i was 140 KG , now 107 KG , at least i have succeeded in losing weight , and still working on it :slight_smile:

[deleted a lot of lines/]

ok , now , in june i made those 5 characters with the supervision of my friend sometime …
i suspended the project because there’s no time to work on it , …

in may , i made this Graduation Project , an interactive game , and made money out of it

but made a mistake , i ignored two subjects in my studies and failed 6 credit hours … , two Fs

that devestated me , and ruined my happiness of having a complete game project … , i will not do anything while studying .

so , now , issued a shoping card out with visa , and a paypal account

how can i make money out of my site ???
i think i’m good at tutorials making , recently made arabic video lectures for python .
and they liked them !!!

attempts of the past
1- made those humble video tutorial listfor blender game engine in 2006
2- a character modeling tutorial<80% of the tut is complete>

3- Zodiac SpearVideo Game <wasn’t completed> , was very happy with working on it .

a little video for it here
4- Abstract Art , here <i don’t think i’m good at it>
5- head modeling tutorialbased on two tuts <only completed the nose !!>
6- a bookwriting attempt , i think this was going to be good , but saw my self not completing it
7- when i decided to be a manga only artist (manga workshop) , manga doctor in last page
8- when decided to make a manga factoryDVD , here , then Robots Factory , a cyborg bunny

9- selling a low poly character<didn’t make anything out of this , i didn’t have a paypal account that time> , do you think if i made a better one , it would sell , specially with a safe way like paypal and much higher quality .
10- BGE Xero2Hero < don’t know if this would attract people to my site or not>

there are more , but i’m sick , what should i do ?

please help , i want to find a way to make money without working on a project for a long time , what do you think suits me , making 3D Characters for games and sell them , profit from adds , donations in case i made BGE Xero2Hero ? , or make a manga DVD , should i start a vote ? , help me , i have 40 days of holiday , i want to use them before studying starts .

thanks a lot .

bigbad , that’s a nice parody :slight_smile: .

Just get a real job like every other college student in history has done who’s found that their lack of income doesn’t pay for their education expenses.

If there was such a thing, dont you think EVERYONE would be doing it?
Basically if you want to make money, its going to take time.

Did you see this article -

That has some pretty cool ideas, like the iStock one, which once you have set up you can just sit back and hopefully see some money come your way.

And remember if you get a part time job, like I have, youll loose study time, its tough.

my life plan:

help make successful

among other stuff

but you know; do what i can do, if i can do what i can do. if you know what i mean.

Stop complaining so much about how difficult college and blender is.
That is the fourth or fifth post like this in some time.

You can’t handle blender? Blender is just a piece of software.

Also, stop with the radical measures. Do you think you will handle only university until 2011, giving up other hobbies? You will go crazy in six months.
But if you can’t divide your time between hobbies and university, that is something only you can solve.

Also, do you really expect a technological university course to be as easy as school. Are you thinking you will get grades just as good as you did? …

I already wrote this on a previous topic from you.
If you don’t like your choice in university, change course. If you can’t for cultural reasons or something like, or you really like it, than JUST DO IT.
This what you’re describing is called “going through college”, and millions of people have done that and survived, and so will you.

OR, go ask for help at a therapist. Not strangers from all over the planet.

do you know something guys , i will stop posting such threads , … and just go and do a reall thing
it’s all about time management , sorry for any disturbance , Falk , you are right !!! , if i left blender like that i will go CRAZY !!! , i just need to give each thing the apporeiate time :slight_smile:

i will ask a mod to lock this soon , and sorry for reviving an old thread or two …


whew …