do you have a tattoo

Well, I have lots. SOOOOO many. The last one I got was the
Mortal Combat Dragon
on my chest.
One of aproxx 250 individual images tattooed on me.
Including 75 sculls and 80 Flowers, just to even out the karma…
Do you have a tattoo?

i got 1

will upload ina sec

I would upload pics of mine but then everyone would see my pathetic, skinny little bod. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!:eek:

I don’t have one, but I’d like to get one. Just one. On my right shoulder.

I want to get one at some point. Something in latin, for sure.

“Nobis, Pro Eis, Vobis” is my first choice, which means “For us, for them, for you”. Probably on my shoulder or my lower back. I definetly want to put a lot of thought into it before i do it though.

Cool, the thing you must rememeber is: it is for life.
So make sure the design is something you can live with. Something that will remind you of someone. Something you have designed yourself.
When I was young I just picked whatever took my fancy on the wall of the tattoo shop.
When I was older I had ran out of room for some tatts that would have been better. Far too late for regrets.
You will live with your tattoo forever…:slight_smile:

the thing you must rememeber is: it is for life.

Really?.. oh… that’s just… hmmm…

… I’ve got an Ace Ventura Pet Detective tattoo…

If you can live with an ugly scar, it isn’t.
Seriously, though, I’ve already put thought into it and I’m not quite sure yet. I’m designing my personal logo, you see, and I’d like it to be that plus some text (in Japanese, I’m sure).
Before I have that done, I will have lain awake for several nights, asking myself “am I 100% to do this?”

But yeah, tats are for life so you should choose well.

Don’t worry 'bout it. My grandpa’s got a tattoo saying “Three seconds ago I was still a virgin. Not anymore.” :wink:

Another tip before getting a tattoo is getting the washable/easily removable version of it and wear it for a few days/weeks and after that decide if you want it permanent.

On the other hand,I will never get a tattoo

I plans to get a tattoo based on a image I’ve seen at the final fantasy advent children site on my right shoulder. I originally didn’t even know it was a final fantasy image since I first saw it in a yahoo image search.

I like the fact that most people I’ve shown this to wasn’t sure if it was one of the three animal, Lion, Wolf, or a Dragon. (I also love the fact that it is a final fantasy picture since that game have actually changed my life and got me to like most of what I like today) I want this tattoo since it would mark the time I would finally be living on my own and independent. and it seems to represent the fact that I’m going through a change in my life and I’m not sure how it would turn out (hence me liking the odd mix of the 3 creatures). I’m still going through this change and plans to get the tattoo within a few months once I get in a good enought shape to help encourage me to actually exercise.

I’m getting one for christmas, on my left butt cheek. It’s going to be a big question mark and will say “Where the F$#% are my pants?” (Uncensored, of course)

lol now that would be a great tattoo to wear with a speedo (or other butt-cheek exposing beach clothes) at the beach :rolleyes:

Good design Radscientist.
Lua, great idea, I once wanted the latin interpretation of Art For Art’s Sake.

Sago: the challenge is on…

If someone gets a Super Wu Man Tattoo

If anyone provides evidence:
1/ A photo of the tattoo being done.
2/ A photo of the finished Tattoo.

I will Donate $50 to the Blender Foundation. (for the first one.)

Dang, havn’t got one yet.

Should get a blender tattoo on my arm :rolleyes:

Got my first tattoo done years ago by a junkie who couldn’t wait to finish the job so he could go smoke out the 50 bucks. The colour came off with the scab, of course…
Eventually, I replaced it with a bigger one of a winged cobra. Its about 6 years old now and the colour needs to be touched up propably, but I couldn’t care too much now anymore.
Anyway, I’m not a big fan of tattoos, but I’ve never regretted the one I’ve got though. I think a well placed and designed tattoo on a chick can be pretty sexy!

By the way. I heard that tattoos need a lot of care to maintain or something.
Anyone wanna share that info with us?

I’ve six tattoos in various places. There really is very little/no maintenance required after the initial healing of a tattoo. I actually shave the two on my upper arms though, looks much better without hair over it :slight_smile:

AMEN! I got your back on that one.